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Smile WTS-7 USGI 5.56/223 Re-pack kits

I found 7 more USGI re-pack kits today and have them for sale. Kits include 1 bandoleer, 4 carboards, 1 adaptor/spoon and 12 strippers. Couple of buying options:

1. Price is $10 each + shipping for 1
2. $70/shipped for 7 kits

I have some small envelopes that I should be able to ship one kit in for $2.50-$4 depending on buyers zip. I can get multiples (3-6) in a flat rate envelope ($5.95) or 2 in a small flat rate box ($5.80). I have more in storage if their is some demand for these, just gotta find them in the storage locker .

First "I'll take ____kits" followed by a follow up PM on payment is the new owner. PayPal +4% or USPS m.o. for payment. Posted elsewhere.

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