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Old 03-18-2012, 07:18 PM
cherokeecowboy67 cherokeecowboy67 is offline
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Originally Posted by Herrmann View Post
If you have a birch stock:

1. Strip old finish off with solvent.

2. Sand with progressively finer grits.

3. Finish buffing with OOOO steel wool.

4. Stain with walnut.

5. Finish with several coats of BLO.

6. When dry, throw out and buy a walnut stock.
That reminds me of my grandpa's recipe for cooking a duck. We won't go into that now Some very nice work guys. I have never tried the dye trick and have only used stains. I'm waiting to see which stock mine comes in with. I may just go the dye route if it comes in with the dreaded orange stock
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Old 03-23-2012, 06:11 PM
flinglead flinglead is offline
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It seems a lot of folks want birch to be walnut. We see some fantastic results here I must admit. It is just my opinion and it may only be good as that, but I think first I one should accept that birch is birch and not get too hung up on trying to make it look like faux walnut. You know pleathor and naugahide just are not leather and will always be something less desirable. Birch is pretty good stock wood. I have no problem with it looking like birch. A well done birch stock that looks like BIRCH can be really nice. It is a lot easier to get that result by a long shot. It is not something substandard to avoid.

My 2 cents... which used to buy me two pieces of bubble gum, then one, then none. ( at 3 cents I was one horrified little kid!)
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Old 01-25-2013, 08:19 AM
rwbradshaw rwbradshaw is offline
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I would first Like to thank the OP for his recipe, and getting me pointed in the right direction.

I purchased a surplus M14 stock from the CMP in hopes of a decent project for my SOCOM M1A. I was sent a NOS stock, proof stamped, slathered in a chocolatey, flat, dull, uneven stain. I knew a nice piece of wood lived underneath, but I had no idea how nice it was until I put the OP's recipe to the test. The only negative was the stock length razor blade cut where someone had removed the stock from plastic... And I mean the entire stock length, in some places 1mm deep. I soaked and steamed the heck out of that slice, and for the most part it sealed back up, unfortunately I know it's there but to the casual observer it's gone.

I followed the OP recipe to the letter, but it yielded a color a little too red for me on my test patches, so after some trial and error I cut my red mix to 1/2 tsp. Other than that, the recipe was unaltered.

Here are the results. I think the mix really pulled the tiger stripes out of this piece of Birch.

My process was only one coat of stain. Then about 10 coats of BLO, let to dry. Then one rub of 1/3 mix, buffed to a sheen after cure.

Thanks again OP! I'm happy with the results! Not bad for a $35 stock...Thanks CMP!

Here it is in three different lighting conditions:

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Old 01-27-2013, 12:50 AM
Patman252 Patman252 is offline
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That M1A stock came out really nice. Good work. I'm waiting for my SA SG to get here so I can see which stock I got. I figure it will be orange birch so I'm trying to learn about stock refinishing now
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