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Old 12-12-2018, 12:57 PM
grantini grantini is offline
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When I was in OCS at Quantico it was shortly after The Great Santini came out. I would jokingly do my impression of Bull Meecham, but instead of referring to myself as "the Great Santini" I called myself "The Great Grantini." It is important to note that my last name is Grant. Long story short it is 37 years later and I'm still referred to as Grantini... it has spread far beyond the Marine Corps and is my go to nick name...
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Old 03-15-2019, 08:49 AM
HMShip HMShip is offline
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Re; Where my Username came from.
On a roof, where two edges meet on the ridge and the initials of my name.(Henry M. Silveira,HMShip.)
Figured it was good place where like minded high caliber veterans like to hang-out and find a bargain.
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Old Yesterday, 09:11 AM
HMShip HMShip is offline
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Default Gun Show

How's the North East Gun Show(3/23/19, Plymouth MA); would you recommend it? I thought it was overpriced on most everything there, Including the food.Three star Restaurant prices,@ convenience store quality.
Anyway, in my younger days, our family lived just outside of "Manchester By The Sea", our city was old time Fishing Port; with some of the nicest Beach north of Boston on small Island we all Cape Ann. I truly can relate to the beauty of living along the Coast. Unfortunately in those day we were know by the "smell" and not her beauty.HMShip,
Originally Posted by Thirdcliff View Post
Thirdcliff...I live in Scituate, MA, a coastal town south of Boston. Scituate has four cliffs that jut out into the Atlantic Ocean...First, Second, Third, and Forth Cliff. We moved to Third Cliff 26 years ago. Nothing beats living on the water...well, the mountains are pretty great also.
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Old Yesterday, 02:51 PM
RVN 69-70 RVN 69-70 is offline
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Default Name

Needless to say really
8th Field Hospital - Nha Trang
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