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Old 01-17-2022, 05:17 PM
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Default Frankford Arsenal 7.62 projectile component

I came into quite a few of these. I donít know much about them and have no idea of their worth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Old 01-20-2022, 04:06 PM
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I donít know what the correct answer is, but about 5 years ago I picked up about 10 boxes of them for around 30$ a box maybe a little cheaper as they came with other stuff. I think I sold them to friends for $35-40 as I donít personally reload and at that time didnít collect shells or components. Since Covid Iíve started to collect boxed ammo and bullets, etc related to the Garand etc and thought I would try to get items like this. Realizing stuff has gone crazy in the last couple of years a guy on GB is asking $335 for a box (different year?). I looked at his other items and they avg about 8-10 times more than I see other boxed ammo selling for. So whatever it worth thatís a ref point. I donít have any ammo price books other than about old Winchester boxes as I like to display a box with a firearm so I donít know whatís valid or not. But in my experience normal match bullets sell in the $40-60 range per 100. I just got 3 boxes for $34 ($11.33), two different lots at what I considered a bargain. I know too long of a msg but itís a reply. Good luck.
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