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Old 09-30-2018, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by aimfortheblack View Post
Dont ask.

It was nice they didnt open the rifle sales until 9 so again, competitors get the bottom of the barrel pickings left at 5pm. Nice to see all the neckbeards lined up who probably couldnt hit the black at 100 yards who get first dibs

They had a 5k and another event going on in the morning. When you got there in the morning there was one line for everybody so it took forever for everyone to check in. It was nice they had 3 golf carts for 100 guys to share to get your gear to the firing line, youd figure for as much as the TMP costs they could buy a couple more carts.The GSM match started a little late but it wasnt bad and seemed ran ok. I didnt notice any issues with the targets around us.

Then someone dropped the ball, kicked it around and then ran over it with a car.

There was supposed to be the First GSM match and 3 reentries. I paid to shoot all of them but the last reentry was cancelled because they were getting so far behind.

Then began the great vintage sniper snafu of 2018

The match was supposed to start at 1300. I dont think we started shooting until 1430. That was after the squadding disaster where they didnt tell anyone where their firing point was, but came over a loud speaker and said, walk down the isle until you find your point. Looking through 40 firing points with tons of people doing the same is a nightmare.4

There was no safety briefing or anything going over the range commands, so anyone not familiar with the normal vintage sniper procedure had no idea of the commands.

Then, "friends" of a GCA board member gun had broke so they requested a special 2nd relay so they could share a gun. So they squaded some people on this unneeded 2nd relay which dragged on until almost 430. Then they had a meeting and finally got some food around 530 or so. No carts to be found since there was only 2-3 so the majority of us had to hump our stuff up a long hill to the parking lot

All in all it was fun but they really need to get their stuff together.
Of course, Leon retired!
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