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Old 06-04-2020, 04:39 PM
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1917 $700
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Old 06-04-2020, 04:52 PM
Shomway Shomway is online now
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Originally Posted by andyman View Post
How much were the 1917s and 03s?
Bolt Rifles
1903a3 670.00
1903 650.00
1903 "C" stock 750.00
1903 Mark I 650.00
1903 Mark I "C" stock 800.00
1903a4 1300.00

M1917 SG 700.00 M1917S
M1917 FG 650.00 M1917F

30-40 KRAG 1250.00
31- 100% ITrader feedback prior to removal.
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Old 06-04-2020, 04:54 PM
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I am next thursday at 1030, sounds like there will be some rifles to look at, I hope.
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Old 06-04-2020, 05:49 PM
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Shomway, thanks brah.

Originally Posted by Ffsgt View Post
I am next thursday at 1030, sounds like there will be some rifles to look at, I hope.
Good luck!
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Old 06-04-2020, 06:32 PM
Bear57 Bear57 is online now
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Had 2:30 apt, in the door at 2:45. Nicest selection that I've seen in the last 3 years or so. Bob said he restocked some of the shelves several times today. One guy bought 6 rifles, I picked up a field grade and a service grade Garand. My buddy got 3 Garands. Saw 2 Kraigs plus 03's. Even had some WRA specials. Looks like they let 4 people in at a time, while the other 2 are completing the sales & credit card info. Once you arrived at Camp Perry, check in with the gal at the table in front of the store to confirm your place in line and she will give you the latest. There were some delays today, due to the NCIS checks. She also told us, that everyone that came out, had a smile and was happy with the selection. Free T shirt with each rifle purchased. She also told us, that all the appointments thru July were booked!. If you buy a rifle, ammo is 25% off. Good luck and aim small.........
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Old 06-04-2020, 08:55 PM
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Krag report, please ( what'd they have? Were the carbines just "carbines?" Etc?)
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Old 06-05-2020, 12:42 AM
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Originally Posted by AFJon View Post
So pictures are allowed in store now?
Policy still exists for no pictures of inventory in the stores (based on DoD guidance). I'm sure OP was not aware.
Regardless, congrats to him on a nice 1903 Mark I.

Proud son of a Vietnam Veteran (1969, 1970) - In memoriam
OEF - '02, '08 / OIF - '03, '10 / OND - '11 / OIR/OEF - '15

CMP Customer / GCA Member / VFW & NRA Life Member

Feedback Thread: http://forums.thecmp.org/showthread.php?t=137544
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Old 06-05-2020, 08:14 AM
TSimonetti TSimonetti is offline
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My appointment was yesterday morning.

First I want to say hat's off to the CMP staff. They turned what could have been a very uncomfortable process into something quite pleasant and manageable. The woman at the desk outside was very nice with a positive attitude. There was no preachy talk about social distancing or mask wearing to those waiting outside. Customers inside and out were respectable of others and not pushy or grabby.

For those worried about limits on customers and such, I can say it really did not seem like a big deal. Even though the CMP had announced strict customer limits, they were not exactly being Drill Sergeants about it. It was all a very comfortable atmosphere and procedure. They seemed to have spare paperwork for those who are without a handy computer or printer nowadays. Pair of gloves were provided and brought my own mask and the journey begins.

The Guns: I came in just around 11 so I'm certain the store had already sold at least a couple dozen rifles. Not sure if the store was re-stocked before then, but was not re-stocked while I was there.

Specials: Did not look at them but appeared to be more than enough for people who want them.

6 MILLIONS: 3....All with CMP wood. A mixed bag. One had mostly correct metal, but the other 2 were wallflowers with totally mixed parts.

SA FIELD GRADES: About 16. Most all had TE-4 and ME-2+ with one having TE-5 and a couple TE 3+. These met the description but nothing really to write home about. Only 1 or 2 had original barrels. Most all had USGI stocks, a couple with USGI birch. I was hoping for a diamond in the rough but it was not to be.

SA SERVICE GRADES: This is what I really came for, but was in for a big disappointment Only about 8-10 rifles, most all with CMP wood. None with original barrels, serial numbers from 1.8m up to 5.9mil but very very unspectacular parts and metal finish.. A few with TE-2 ME-1 but also a few with higher TE's and ME's. I suspect if I got any of these via mail order, I would not be happy. CMP wood is beautiful, but putting CMP wood on a rather used looking rifle makes it look even worse in a way. I read that one earliest customer got a WW2 with lockbars and original barrel. Seems quite possible for the first in the door, but not for others.

IHC SG's- About 10-12 These were not bad but at 1080 they are a hard sell. None with IHC wood, most had CMP wood, a few had IHC bolts. Metal oxidized for the most part but not bad looking. These were similar to the many other IHC SG's we've seen at the store starting with the Turk returns. One had a near mint condition post war SA stock with beautiful satin finish. Whomever picks that one up will get a real treat with that stock.

WRA FG's- about 16 These were possibly the best Garand deals of the day. I think there was a guy who found one with WRA barrel, but all of the others were replacement, mostly WW2 SA barrels. quite a few with USGI wood. TE's and ME's were respectable for FG's and the ones I picked up had really nice heel stamps. No Win13's or 6 digits. If you want a WRA to fill that hole in your collection, this would be a great time to do it.

1903's. About 20+ These were in VG+ condition, but most all were marked dark bore. a handful of Mark1's, some Rock Island and the rest Springfields. Most TE's were 2 or less as were the ME's. I was concerned about possible pitting in the barrels as I did not use a light on any of them, but as for the finish and wood, they were very sharp looking. Only straight stocks, some had finger grooves.

03A3's- about 20+ In terms of condition, these rifles and the 1917's were probably the best in show that morning. All were RA's and most had original finish. Some glossy wood and some rebuild stamps, I only saw straight stocks. These were smoking hot rifles with nice TE's and ME's and quite a few were marked good bores.

1917's- About 12. Very impressed with the condition. Some with rebuild stamps, all had immaculate wood and very nice finish. As stated above, these were among the best looking rifles in the store.

30-40 Krag- About 12. These rifles had worn finish, but overall looked in good condition. If you need one, get one now. They won't be back any time soon, especially up north. There were 2 krag carbines left. About the same condition as the rifles.

SA Correct: 2 One was near mint, the other was Excellent with some wear on the gas cylinder and trigger guard. Immaculate wood with not much grease overall. All expected parts for a 5 mil SA. I almost sprung for one, but I already have a 5 mil Correct and $1,800 was a bit of a sticking point with me and it was not a priority. I suspect these can be found for less with some patience and luck but there is nothing like seeing them pristine and sitting at the store waiting for that first time buyer.

WW2 Corrects: 2 One 2.8mil and one 3.6 million. Both appeared mint with the 3.6 having the bar code inventory tag. The 3.6 had the nicest NFR stock I have ever seen and the GAW was nice as well on the 2.8. I think these were well worth the price. The 3.6 had some nasty scratches on the op-rod. I'm always looking to buy one of these and kick myself for not doing so, but keeping the $3,230 and paying college tuition is a bit more important these days. But I must stress again these appear to be really super deals for what they are.

HRA's= None

USGI SLINGS: None....?? Why not, CMP?

Biggest "Oh darn" story: Found a WRA Field Grade TE-2 and ME-2 on a replacement 44 barrel 2.3 million with amazing heel stamp. Best thing about it was the little distinct notch onthe right side of the heel and non serif circled P and DAS meant it was probably an IHC stock and this was among the nicest IHC stocks I have ever seen. Typical cross grain sanding but not a scratch on this thing! I brought it up to bob and he said, "What made you so excited about this one?" I told him it was probably an IHC stock. He said "Well why don't you find out for sure?" So I opened it up and saw the glass bedding which is not a huge deal but also someone had routed out the entire barrel channel including the ferrule channel wiping out the julian date. OMG I was so disappointed. I put the gun back in the racks and shook my head. Maybe still worth it to someone, but not me.

In the end, I got a 1903 Mark 1 in the 1.18m range and 5-42 replacement barrel. The bolt and some minor parts are Remington. The tag says dark bore, but it cleaned up really nicely and shines bright now. Original finish receiver from what I have been reading, and really nice finish and unmarked tiger striped finger groove stock should look like a million bucks after it's cleaned and oiled. This is my only 1903 so it filled a hole in my collection and I can't wait to shoot it.

Maybe I should have got that WW2 Correct......

Happy hunting to everyone else.

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Old 06-05-2020, 08:19 AM
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Default Thank You CMP Staff

It was a great opening day at the NS yesterday.** Just wanted to thank the staff for being so well prepared and organized and making the opening such a great experience.** Bob was even smiling!** The stock level was amazing.** Something for everyone for sure right down to a few**Krag carbines.** Have to admit, I looked but didn't find any M1 carbines hidden in the shirt racks like a few years ago.** Fine with me, there were too many other fine rifles to choose from.

Thank you**CMP.** The wait was worth it!** Congratulations**on the new store!**

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Old 06-06-2020, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by captaincalc View Post
Krag report, please ( what'd they have? Were the carbines just "carbines?" Etc?)
There were about a dozen Krag rifles there today at 1pm. Sounds like the one krag carbine that was out this morning sold before I got there.

I bought an 1899 dated rifle. There were maybe 2 dated back to the Spanish American War, but they were not nearly as nice as the one I bought.

I also bought nice 800,000 serial number 1903, which dates to Feb 1918, with a replaced barrel from 1920, that measured +1 and +1 throat and muzzle.
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