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Old 06-13-2020, 05:18 PM
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Default 6/13 Report

Saturday NS Report

I was first in store at 8:30 with a few others. One guy was helping his dad pick out a Garand and they got a nice Special. I went there looking for a Service Grade Garand as I got my 1903 last week.

GARAND SA SG's- 8>> All but one had CMP wood. TE's were primarily 3 and ME 2. No minty barrels. They all had been shot a quite a bit. There was one high 6 digit with WRA barrel and uncut 6 Op Rod that was well worth the price but I passed. For the most part disappointing but we all know the current situation with SG's. I was told they had no more in back.

WRA FG's- 16>> No Win13's, No 6 Digit, No WRA barrels. Saw two wearing really nice HRA stocks that only needed minor clean up. One of them had SA Lockbars and another had a -9 uncut op rod. These were a pretty nice catch for $850. Heel stamps were really crisp on a few. Most of the TE/ME were 3/2

IHC SG's - 20>> These were essentially the same quality as my visit on the 4th except all had CMP wood this time. There might have been one or two worth a second or third look, but still a hard sell for 1080

SA FG's- 20 >> Roughest Garands I've seen in a while. TE's 3/4 and ME- 2/3 Perhaps one diamond in the rough was a 6.09m SA with correct Y01 Bolt. I found a halfway decent 1955 IHC stock on one of them with the DAS not visible, but the rifle and the stock metal were so dirty and rusted that it would not have been worth trying to clean up in my opinion.

1903's- 24>> A little bit for everyone. Rock Island, Springfield, Mark 1 and Remington. Some early stocks, several scant stocks. Many said dark bore but a few were good bore. I found one 818,xxx with an original 1918 barrel. Overall these are quite a catch. TE/ME are excellent. 2/1 average.

1903A3's >> about 20 All Remington. A very good selection and all high quality. Some dark bore, some good bore. Saw a beautiful minty remington that was all correct and original finish, but passed. Not my priority right now.

1917's>> 12 Was telling my friend Gordie that 103 year old rifles have no business looking this good. They may be gone soon.

Krag/Krag Carbines>> 8 rifles 4 carbines>> Same as my trip on the 4th. Good quality and pretty rare. If these are on your bucket list, better get one soon.

SPECIALS>> One sold while I was there. Not my cup of tea but I recognize the attraction and value. They had plenty of them including some wra rack grade specials.


WW2 Collector Grade:Sold Out- They had two last week. I was told that one guy came in and bought both of them. We know you are out there somewhere. Speak up!

USGI SLINGS: None.....Why not?

HRA's None

AMMO: Sellier and Bellot 150gr 30-06 M2 Ball match ammo available with each purchase at a discount price of .68 cents per round(Tax included) 400 round case. I think one case limit.

I purchased a 1.2m WRA Field Grade with SA 1-53 barrel. TE-2.5 ME-1 with walnut SA 60's rebuild stock. It is essentially a Service Grade except for some minor pitting on the heel. 99 percent repark finish. Wood has almost no dings. Another fine shooter.

All in all a nice 9 hour trip.

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Old 06-14-2020, 09:23 AM
dogboysdad dogboysdad is offline
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There were many nice rifles there this weekend. I got “delayed” so I’ll be back next weekend I guess
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Old 06-14-2020, 10:22 AM
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Default NS Report!

Great report- thanks.

Sure is worth driving over! Wish I could get back again. Krags are calling.
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