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Old 09-06-2017, 05:56 PM
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Hate to say this...but the Wehrmacht was better. Considerably. Better led and better equipped. The Germans had practically zero respect for the U.S Generals, save Patton. The infantry, armor and artillery units were better equipped. The U.S had the clear advantage in mass industrialization and a strategic bomber force the Germans lacked, but this is not about the air force.
Consider this, the Germans were fighting on 3 fronts in 1944, the West, East and South, with materials drying up by the day and manpower as well. The U.S had no shortages of men or materials.
There is a saying, "WWII was won with US equipment, British intelligence and Russian blood", I for one agree with this.
One on one? we couldn't have beaten them.
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Old 09-08-2017, 05:41 AM
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The Germans entered Russia June 22 1941, by Dec 1941 they were in deep trouble as 13M Russians started to exert pressure on 3M Germans. Within a year the Germans had lost 1M of those men, the cream of the crop. By June 1944 when the German Central front collapsed, it was a foot race into Germany. Stalin could have come straight into Germany at that point, but delayed to let the Germans finish off all Polish resistance before he completely took over Poland. He also was interested in Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary as countries for future domination, so took his time going through the southern side of the Reich. The Germans and Russia split Poland and both sides were after a 10K Barrel a day oilfield in Poland that the Russians captured first which made Germany continue to buy Russian oil until June 41.
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Old 09-08-2017, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by bpm32 View Post
I'm reading Tooze's "Wages of Destruction" right now, which is an economic history of the Nazi regime. Tooze makes the case that the Nazis were in a food crisis in 1939, so they were desperate for Russian help, even though that goes against what Hitler wrote in "Mein Kampf" (about the British joining the Germans against the Russians). By then, Hitler considered the British and the Americans (who he felt were run by a Jewish conspiracy--pretty weird) as his main impediment.

Apparently, Hitler wanted a pact with Russia, but he still needed the Japanese to keep the British tied up in Singapore and the Americans on edge, and the Russians and Japanese of course, did not get along. The Japanese were coy with the Germans, so they went ahead and made the deal with Stalin.

Tooze also makes the case that the Germans were pretty serious about conquering Britain, but their surface fleet was a joke and the Ju 88 was such a basket case there was no way to pull off a proper invasion.

The book is a little dry--and long--but it's still interesting to see the arguments laid out almost purely in economic terms.
There's a little known part of history in the late 1930s the Japanese got into a shooting match with Russia and after not doing well against the Russian military, they quickly decided to end the conflict.
Between Stalin and Hitler it became a battle of who would make the least number of mistakes.
During the 1930s Stalin conducted a series of purges where he eliminated entire levels of military officers. Then his policies led to the starvation of millions of peasant farmers. As previously posted, Stalin was taking by surprised by the German invasion of the USSR. He went into hidding for days.
Then there's Hitler, where to start. He made so many major mistakes. Starting with the invasion of Poland. His economy and military wasn't ready for a long-term war. Then moving the bombing campaign from the airfields in Great Britian to population centers such as London. This gave the RAF back from the brink.
Then Hitler allowed the evacuation at Dunkirk. Over 350,000 troops were evacuated to Great Britian.
The didn't fully understand how to build a navy. Hitler was impressed with capital ships, but didn't create the other ships needed to create a fleet. He allowed the captured to stay anchored instead of merging with the German Navy.
Attacking the Soviets and micro managing the campaign.
The declaration of war against the U.S.
From then on everything was downhill.
Hitler would have been better off if he bought the crops he needed from the Soviets.

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