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Old 05-21-2020, 04:00 PM
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The M1 Garand was intended to accept the 1905 bayonet. This allowed the army to field only one bayonet. The 1905 bayonet was for the Model 1903 which has a bigger diameter barrel at the muzzle. Also, the vertical distance from the center axis of the bore to the locking lug is different between the two rifles. Because of this, there was a projection on the front of the Garand cylinder gas lock which fits inside the ring to make the bayonet lock up better. The projection also adjust for the different position of the locking lug. I guess you could reduce the rattle if you shimmed the sides cylinder gas lock projection so the bayonet ring would fit tighter. But the upper portion of the bayonet ring rests on the barrel, so that can only do so much to tighten the fit.

The end section of the first gas traps were off center to allow for this difference. An example is 1/4th down this link. (Gas trap #2838) There are also other many other rare weapons in the link below. It is worth a look.


The poor ring fit is maybe why the M8 bayonets were introduced. They have a stud that fits into the gas cylinder lock. Just a guess, the later design my have also been an effort to reduce stress on the gas cylinder's splines caused by bayonet use trying to twist the lug around the bore vs. the center of the gas cylinder lock screw..
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