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Old 08-09-2018, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Smal View Post
And in this world of capitalism and big business, unfortunately, the Big Dogs with the money eat the little dogs without it so little dogs need to work extra hard to protect their business and the original ideas that it produces,if not soon the big dogs will all have full tummies, most big dogs do not have a lot of integrity when it comes to making money but they sure do have an appetite for it, Protect your small business and as they used to say loose lips sink ships when it comes to your companies new project ideas share them with no one but who needs to know. And keep that circle small.
Exactly. The word we live in is simply that. Competition is now global, and profit margins are smaller, so any business must operate lean and agile. Partnering with other firms is common, but successful only when well defined (contracts and limits). If you share your intellectual property with competitors, secrets are, by your action, turned into business plans.

Yeah, I have to sleep at night, so I may choose to not take ideas form others, but at the same time, if I freely give my intellectual property away, I am participating in my demise.
If someone in the business has someone give them a great idea, who isn't acting on it, or patenting it, what do you think is a possible action?

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