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Old 08-15-2019, 01:52 PM
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Default Universal M1 Carbine Very Rare and fun

I doubt most of you if any have ever seen one of these, It was made around 1965 and it has a IBM GI slide. It may have other GI parts. I never really looked internally all that much. Also, this IS NOT the later skeleton operating slide piece of crap Universal. Those are junk. These early models with GI slides are pretty well made.

You say what makes this rare. Are you crazy, a rare Aftermarket M1 Carbine ,LOL Well it is chambered in .256 Winchester from the Factory. It will come with quite a few original .256 cases, also resized cases from 357 Magnum and reloading dies, and about 100+ or so bullets. I would say well over 150 resized cases and original ones.

It comes with the original scope mount and the front and rear sights are Tech sights. Not factory but functional. Really cool and rare Carbine even if it is a aftermarket. Comes with two mags. They themselves are like gold. As even if you find another one of these rifles. It will only have one mag if you are lucky. Other GI or other Universal .30 carbine mags will not work.

Overall it is very nice condition for a 55 year old rifle. And alot of fun to shoot and the 256 is a cool caliber.

I do have about 100 rounds of reloads made by me, I will likely just fire those off for fun and send the empty brass if the rifle is sold, Unless you want to pay extra shipping to send it to you.

I would not sell this but I have to have some medical procedures done in the next month and my insurance will not cover it all. Otherwise I would not part with it. It is just too neat of a Rifle.

I am only going to put two pics here but I will email more if you want. But the rifle is in excellent condition as shown.. Pain to post pics here. Easier with email. Also you can call me at 402 564 5820 with questions.

Can take Paypal Gift or Post Office MO. I need 775.00 shipped and your FFL must accept from a individual. Or add 20.00. It will bring more than my asking price on GB but would rather sell it here a little lower ,than give fees to them if possible.But I do need to move it fairly quick.

I could probably entertain around a 300.00 to 350.00 value trade of a Firearm on this. My interests are wide. As long as it is in the value range stated. Thanks

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