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Old 02-02-2015, 05:34 PM
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Sounds like the production has gotten worse since I bought mine. S/N 347(or close to that)
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Old 02-05-2015, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Rootsy View Post
I wanted to follow up with the resolution of the issues with my Hi-Lux 8x USMC. I purchased this scope through optics planet, S/N 1147. Out of the box the image was partially out of focus around the edge. The front ring also had issues.

I contacted hi-lux about repairing or replacing as I figured sending it back to optics planet would result in receiving another optic with issues. I asked hi-lux to pick up all costs (shipping) and they did. I wrote a list of issues and returned it to them. John Wu called to tell me he had put the scope on the collimeter and it was gtg. The scope was returned and the primary optical image had not been corrected. The front ring had a new cap but the ring itself needed to be replaced. When originally assembled the threads were nearly stripped.

I contacted them again and spoke directly with John Wu (owner). Hi-lux sent another shipping label and back it went. This time I took a photo through the scope with the ocular lens removed and annotated the issues with the erector lenses.

John called me about 2 weeks later (Christmas and new year were during this time). This conversation was disheartening because though I had clearly pointed out the problem hi-lux could not recognize it. After explaining to him what to look at, specifically, in their own scope, he called me back to tell me they were just replacing the scope.

Optically the replacement scope is good. Thread fit on the dust caps and the sun shade are poor. Very loose. I will live with it and just have to be mindful of it.

While hi-lux is very willing to take care of you as a customer I am not convinced that there is a lot of technical ability. In today's manufacturing world and for the price you pay, there are no good reasons for these quality issues. Maybe future productions runs will be better.
Thanks for the write up on your experiences. Sorry to hear that. I have been wanting to purchase one of these for a while, but the old threads talked about poor quality and chinese manufacturing issues. Sad to see that the manufacturing issues are still prevalant. I guess I will look for a real malcolm scope at a gunshow and pay$$
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