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Old 06-29-2019, 10:47 AM
goryshaw goryshaw is offline
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Location: Utah
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I've tried to keep track of times fired, but decided its more trouble than its worth. As has been mentioned, I load them until the necks crack, the primer pocket loosens, or most likely I lose the case. I have annealed belted cases in the past, but adjust the die correctly and thats not often necessary.
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Old 07-01-2019, 08:38 AM
WrightFlyer WrightFlyer is offline
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Location: Illinois
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Thanks to everyone for their replies! ! !

All my questions have been answered, and I am good to go.
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Old 07-01-2019, 02:25 PM
duke duke is offline
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Location: NY
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I reload 5 times then scrap just took 48 pounds to scrap yard for the brass price
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