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Old 10-13-2012, 01:53 PM
abeal abeal is offline
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Default North Store report 10/13/2012

Went up early to the North Store today and arrived at 8:15am. On car in the parking lot and I went inside around 8:20am. The CMP guys were wrapping up putting things away in storage. Wouldn't you love to take a tour and see what is in storage? Probably nothing but it sure looks interesting. Anyways, opened at 8:30am and we went right over to look at the SA and HR SG rifles - one rack of each. I started at one end of the SA SG rack and immediately found a 5.9m and a 4.3m. Took those two to the counter. There was another 5.9m and some 5.3m rifles. One of the 5.9s went home to a new Garand buyer. Hope it shoots well. The SA SG rifles were all in new CMP wood and many had been rebarreled but they all looked good. In the HRA SGs, many had USGI wood and I found a 4.78m with a HRA stock and all HRA parts except the trigger housing - it also had a barrel less than 1. So I am at the counter looking at two 5.9s, one 4.3, and an almost correct HRA. After contemplating for a long while, I just took the 4.3m rifle home. One of the other customers was looking at the HRA and 5.9 when I left. I am sure I will be kicking myself in the future. The 5.9 had the last 4 digits of the serial number on the trigger housing and it had an etched number 89 on the barrel - not sure what the 89 meant. It was less than 1 on the muzzle and 3 TE.

The Navy BRs were kind of worn. None of the receivers looked pristine and the barrels did not look that great although they might have measured ok. Not sure why you would want to buy one. I think I would buy a M14 parts kits or a CMP .308 Garand first. Just my opinion. The normal M1 Garand BRs looked much better in my opinion.

All the 6m serial numbered rifles were gone. Last one was purchased Friday at closing time. I think the Kimbers .22s will be out next week. Some Winchester SGs but nothing that stood out to me. Everything else is the same from previous reports.
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Old 10-13-2012, 02:33 PM
mtlucas0311 mtlucas0311 is offline
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How much were the Winchester SG's?
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Old 10-13-2012, 03:34 PM
Shomway Shomway is online now
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Originally Posted by mtlucas0311 View Post
how much were the winchester sg's?
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Old 10-13-2012, 05:26 PM
lowrider12 lowrider12 is offline
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today (my first visit!) I bought a WRA rack grade - Jim believed it was a WW2 stock, and the 1-5/8" barrel channel is consistent with this receiver's SN range, so who knows. IIRC it gauged 2 barrel 4 throat. but I also bought a 1.0 SA barreled receiver in case this WRA don't shoot straight.

they still had Navy sleeved and non-sleeved (no bolts included). WRA rack/field/service. I saw 2 bare receivers in the counter display case, not sure if they had more elsewhere. Someone else at the store during my visit was buying (I think) 2 other bare receivers.
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Old 10-13-2012, 06:43 PM
abeal abeal is offline
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They usual have a box or two of receivers under the counter. They also have barrels that are not out for display.

I took a few pictures. Sorry, not as many as usual.


Other observations. One of the SA SGs had an LMR barrel. One of the HRA SGs had an LMR barrel. One post war Garand had a nice 1943 barrel that gauged well. That gives you an indication that the Anniston armorers are building some of these rifles. Not sure we are seeing many original receiver/barrel combinations right now in the SA SG rifles. That includes the ones with NM barrels and parts. My 4.3 SA had a NM barrel and a mixture of parts.
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Old 10-13-2012, 10:36 PM
spenceNEoHIO spenceNEoHIO is offline
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Alan, thank you for passing along the 4.7 HRA and 5.9 SA to me. Jim, behind the counter, said I should take a good look at them and I did. I took a long time mulling them over trying to decide what to do as I went up to the NS planing on buying only one Garand and a few cans of loose ammo. I was hoping there might be a 6mil left over from Friday or else a nice Winchester service grade, but I was out of luck...or so I thought.
I had already had an all correct 5.4 SA SG minus the CMP stock behind the counter, I need to throw out a big THANKS to Jim for being so helpful and patient with me on finding it. I think I took up about half of the SA service grades that I thought might be near correct for Jim to help me.
I ended up putting the HRA behind the counter and put the 5.9 SA back out on the floor. There were about 8-10 people there at the time going thru the racks and I thought for sure it would get snatched up. Several guys picked it up looking it over but they all put it back in the rack. I took some time looking over the M1C's and M1D's while keeping an eye on that 5.9. No one claimed it so I took it up to the counter to take one more look at it. The numbers on the trigger pack had me curious so I decided to try out the trigger and Im glad I did. It is very very nice! It was very light, smooth, and an oh so light crisp break. I believe it had some love applied to it and I thought it would be an excellant shooter so I took it home too.
I ended up taking the three garands and 4 loose cans of ammo home. Not what I went up for but I am very very happy. Thank you and Jim again.

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Old 10-14-2012, 11:57 AM
abeal abeal is offline
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I am glad you took them both home. I had fun yesterday looking at all the SG rifles and that is why I forgot to take pictures. Jim was very helpful and I had fun talking to him and you. I hope the other guy who bought the other 5.9 to was able to shoot his rifle.
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