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Old 08-26-2013, 08:41 AM
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Default Special Thanks for the help

Aug 21st Wed afternoon, many thanks to the nice people whom are at the store..Despite the heavy traffic, many construction zones and passing a couple wrecks. I made it to the promised land.South CMP store..I had 45 minutes before they closed at 3:00..My tongue was hanging out, our GPS had led us down a closed road in Birmingham, with no way to cross the railroad tracks..I was frustrated to no end..nearly 7 hour trip...Mike was standing there with Jeff wrapping up some nice looking specials and putting them in the sold rack..I examined one of them, it was very nice...There was ONE left in the rack..I saw about 15 or so Kimbers in the corner rack..I decided to get my order in so I could look at the store..The enblocks[Surplus} look new, bought anothe M5 bayonette, and ordered the Ap ammo..then paid and started to ask the guys questions..Rhene looked for the sales numbers and I found out it might be in Oct. before my rifle goes out..those chrome drill rifles and parts, Ouch,someone welded them with a hard bead..Nice M-14 stocks with all the metal in the corner, a shame they were not for Garands..My wife had gotten hot outside and came in about the time I was paying, Yikes, She looked at the sniper rifles..There were a lot of them..Enjoyed it Everyone, I slept good over in Oxford that night..
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