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Old 03-14-2016, 04:24 PM
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Default Equipment check

There used to be three categories in pistiol : 45, centerfire (usually a 38 revolver) and smallbore or rimfire. My shooting box has an F.Bob Chow 1911, a Colt officers Model Match 38 and a Mod 41 Smith. All the way they were used in the 50-60s. No optics, Bo-Mar on the 45.
How would these work in today's matches?

It might be fun to get back into pistol shooting since I could never do well in it and it is one of the few things I might be able to pull off at 71 years of age.
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Old 03-14-2016, 07:27 PM
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When I started shooting Bullseye again in 2003, it was with a Colt Gold Cup, Clark .38 Special 1911 and a HS Victor; all with iron sights. I only switched to a dot when I found I was having trouble in the .45 rapid fire stage. If you can see to shoot the iron sights, go for it.

In the current NRA rule book, they now have three pistol classes for matches; Open (dots, whatever), Metallic (iron sights only) and Production (guns out of the box with no mods).

I am thinking of running a Metallic Regional so everyone would have to shoot iron sights. It would blend right in to the CMP EIC and NRA Revolver matches that are iron sight only.

We still shoot 2700's; .22, CF and .45, so that has not changed.
Navy Vet, Distinguished Pistol, TSRA Conventional Pistol Match Director
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