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Old 07-12-2018, 08:38 PM
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I bought a stock from the Netherlands and I t was a tight fit. I would lower the trigger pack with the trigger guard st 45 to the stock. I would make sure it was fitting flat against the stock. Lowered the guard and pushed down like crazy. Guess what, it did lock but it was very tight. I got a nice stock replacement It's an open box with a T .
I field stripped it 2 more times and say to myself. This is a nice tight stock and want keep it that way so now its not been field stripped since. Lay your rifle down properly, put a towel on the trigger guard then get a shoe and smack it. That's giving a not too aggressive smack. But smack it good!.

I finished my stock with flaxseed oil from Rite Aid (black bottle) and the stock now has a beautiful red toNE with wood grain darkening in the right place. I will never stain my M1 stock. I've heard once a day for a week. Once a month then once a year after . Did I say that right? Anyways avoid staining and use the flaxseed oil
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linseed oil, stock oil

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