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Old Yesterday, 07:09 AM
ilionkid ilionkid is offline
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Mine showed up yesterday. No real heavy welds, serial number 33981xx, barrel dated 2-43, handguard split longitudinally but fixable, wood stock very dry (no visible cracks).
Question for the historians, is there any consensus on why rifles were mde into drills, especially rifles that were early production?
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Old Yesterday, 08:06 AM
smag smag is online now
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1903a3 were not used much. Fella’s here can elaborate more. Made sense i reckon, why beat up-or build fake guns to Do Rifle Drill with? We had chit piles of with parts for service life of the a3 weapon system. Cheap way to go really, lots easier and cheaper than making Drills out M1’s.


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Old Yesterday, 10:40 AM
captaincalc captaincalc is offline
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We weren't going back to bolt guns - had plenty of spares for the time. Also many felt there's NO need to give the cadets, etc a functioning weapon for them to "play" with. It'd just be a matter of time till one of the students brought a cartridge to stick in said rifle (if it weren't rendered not possible to load.
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Old Yesterday, 10:54 AM
lemmonhead lemmonhead is online now
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The government/military/ROTC wanted drill rifles. They contacted Daisy about building a non firing drill rifle. I don’t know the exact figures but it was found to be cheaper to take existing inventory that was considered obsolete and convert them into drill rifles instead of spending the extra money on the Daisy rifles.
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