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Old 10-18-2017, 05:21 AM
ceresco ceresco is offline
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Every case is different (pun intended) and certainly, "HXP" is no exception. There are infinite variations of initial production/forming, storage, chamber/rifle, resizing, loads, etc. Loaded until failure, most but not all will fail with neck splits. I did experience a number of splits through the extractor groove (not the web) in one specific group of mixed HXP that I loaded for a 1917. These were bad failures with considerable gas leakage. I have still not determined the combination of factors causing this incident, the rifle has been checked over, but not fired since (pending a bolt change). I doubt I will ever have a sure explanation. Still, HXP has an excellent overall record. Keeping case batches together and discarding after a number of cycles would be ideal, but would not really be any guarantee against the occasional anomaly. Good Shooting. ...
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Old 02-18-2018, 06:05 PM
ma96782 ma96782 is offline
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What he said above.


BTW, I reload by lot. How does that work?

OK....say that I've just opened a "new can" and removed 100 rounds. All the ammo contained is from the same lot #. Right.

So, I shoot that lot of 100 cartridges. That brass is kept together. And now they are "once fired brass."

I reload the brass from that lot. Keeping all of the 100 cases together too. I repeat the process, X number of times.

Then, on the X+ time of reloading. Say that I get a 5% failure rate (it's an example, you decide what failure rate you want). That is 5 cases, out of 100 cases (for the math hindered folks). Right. It, doesn't matter to me how the cases failed. It's 5 failed cases, out of the 100 case lot. So, when I hit that, "magic failure rate number," the entire lot of brass get's dumped.

If it was only 3 cases that failed. Maybe, I'd still reload all of the remaining cases. Yup, I'd wait until I had a total of 5 failed cases, out of the 100 cases.

It's all about the RISK that I'm willing to take. YOU decide how you want to do this. You choose a "magic number."

Ok.....that's how I roll. I mean, "Why risk damage to my rifle or injury to myself?"

Aloha, Mark

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