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Old 10-05-2018, 07:17 PM
Str8liner Str8liner is offline
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Location: PA
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I don't know but I think I would at least contact the seller and demand they retract the statement that it was in your collection.

I wouldn't wan't my name attached to any rifle someone just got ripped off on.....
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Old 10-05-2018, 07:30 PM
togor togor is offline
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Location: Wisconsin
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Hey maybe it was the Bruce Z. Canfield collection! Fraudster knew what he was doing. No decent pics of stock and stacking swivel screws. Lots of pictures that carry no information.

Correctors are ruining the hobby. The supply of "all original" Garands and Carbines goes up every year to service demand!
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Old 10-05-2018, 07:38 PM
Bruce Canfield Bruce Canfield is offline
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Default Agreed

I just sent a message to GunBroker customer support outlining the misrepresentation. I'm curious to see what action, if any, they take.
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Old 10-05-2018, 08:16 PM
k98dave k98dave is offline
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Location: Fort Worth Tx
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That particular seller on GB always has something that looks good at 1st glance but the details on most of their items show obvious rework. I would not deal with them.
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Old 10-06-2018, 12:42 AM
Farmer-Ted Farmer-Ted is offline
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Here's another one he just sold. $5200
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Old 10-06-2018, 02:52 AM
firescout firescout is offline
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Location: S.F. Bay Area, Calif
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Originally Posted by togor View Post
...Correctors are ruining the hobby. The supply of "all original" Garands and Carbines goes up every year to service demand!
To me, the excessive desire to 'correct' M1s is over-the-top these days. From what I know, most new M1s in WW II were "uncorrected" within a few months of being issued to soldiers in the field. And any routine rebuilds would "uncorrect" a rifle, too.

My first (and likely only) M1 was acquired through CMP in the spring of 2014. I ordered a SG HRA, and that's all I knew up until I received the rifle. When I uncased the rifle and inspected it, I was very pleased. The SN is 57933xx. Wow! Right at the end of HRA production. It has a very clean SA 65 barrel, SA stock with an open box style SA cartouche, HRA trigger group, NM-stamped RA op-rod, and WW II era SA bolt. After removing the action from the stock, I found the electropencilled BA4 65 markings, indicating a 1965 Anniston rebuild.

So, I could have gone ahead and "corrected" this fine example of a 1960s arsenal rebuild, but I didn't. I not only appreciate how well it shoots with the near-new SA barrel, but that it comes from a significant place in the M1's evolution and history.

I can understand how someone with, say, an SA receiver with a 1944 serial number might want to obtain and install some 1944 or 1945 components to satisfy some personal desire to have an M1 that is "closer to period" than what they originally bought. But upon sale, all that "correcting" should be revealed to any potential buyers.
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Old 10-06-2018, 03:40 AM
jerryjeff jerryjeff is offline
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Location: Mesa, AZ
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Then there's the "un-correcting". For every market there is a supplier. No question a lot of nice rifles are being stripped down. Not just out of greed but ignorance(but mostly greed). I believe some postwar rifles should have a mixture of parts. firescout, I salute you. Some of the posts here make me cringe. -how do I refinish this dry Letterkenny wood-, I think I'll send this(very rare no.) to Shuff for refinishing- Hopefully Shuff says no.

Don't be that guy.

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Old 10-06-2018, 08:12 AM
deldriver deldriver is offline
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Location: Powell, Tennessee
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The major sellers on GunBroker, like Commonwealth Arsenal, have a following of buyers that return time after time, maybe they like their service or maybe there's something else to it that's more nefarious..my thought is it has to be a mix of both. I also wonder if it matters as much what type of milsurp weapon it is to those buyers. As far as correcting goes, firescout made some nice points that I applaud. Just look at parts prices for M1 Garand and Carbine parts and you can get a pretty good idea of demand put on them by correctors or others too. The point can't be missed that we are both part of the problem and perhaps the solution too.
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Old 10-06-2018, 08:55 AM
Orlando Orlando is offline
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Location: Ohio
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parts prices are the lowest the have been in years
"I am the master of my unspoken words, and a slave to those that should have remained unspoken. ...
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Old 10-06-2018, 11:19 AM
Coltgrabber Coltgrabber is offline
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Sorry 'bout that Mr. Canfield! That's what happens sometimes when you're pushing 80 with a short stick! For what it's worth, I do have all of your books & enjoy reading/using them.
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