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Old 05-30-2013, 08:29 PM
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Default 5/29/13 report from a newbie

This is more for me to share the news that I made my first 'pilgrimage' to the CMP store and that I bought my first Garand yesterday. I have some pics of the store and rifle. The old heads around here won't be impressed with the inventory or my rifle, but it sure was fun for me!

First off, everyone I encountered from employees to other forum members, were all great people. Super friendly and helpful to a guy looking for his first Garand. Thanks!

Next: I chose a 5.6 HRA SG. Errosion measured 2 for throat and muzzle.

There were about 40-50 service grades as of 9am. Only 4 had USGI wood and to my untrained eye none of them looked very good, though I fully admit to not really knowing what Service Grade wood typically looks like. I just know that none of the 4 available appealed to me. I picked up what looked like the nicest of the 4 only to be politely advised to look elsewhere as it had the Greek black park. All of the remaining service grades had pumpkin stocks.

My only disappointment, which is very small, is that the new stocks on the SG rifles were all pumpkin stocks. I would have preferred USGI, but I am still super happy with my selection.

No field grades. Last one was sold Saturday.

Everything else was about standard with what reports from the last couple of weeks have been saying.

A couple questions:
1 - Do SG rifles ever have refinished metal? The metal parts on mine look very nice. Is it too good to be true that this nice finish is not the original? Refinished while still owned by the Army? I'm assuming the CMP doesn't do any sort of work to SG rifles.

2 - Is attaining a more authentic finish with a pumpkin stock a realistic goal? I'd like to refinish mine to obtain a more desirable look.

3 - If I'm reading the parts correctly, the barrel and receiver are both 5/55 HRA. Is this anything unique/special to find on a SG rifle?

I haven't had time yet to disassemble the rifle and see what else it is comprised of. I'll report on that later.

Now some pics of the rifle:

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