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Old 05-19-2017, 08:47 PM
3StrikesNC 3StrikesNC is offline
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Well,.... MJ told and showed me at Talladega a year or so ago that the barrel cannot be floated in MM, period. Front sling swivel has to be connected to the barrel, so no float tubes either. Save those for SR.

The two stage trigger thing is an annoyance because evidently the Trigger Weighers still have not been told, nor educated about it. The very first MM match at Butner Chris DQ'd my M&P 15 M4 because it had a Jewell two stage in it. I had put it in the Rifle years earlier (it was my 1st AR, pre-Obama election) cause the S&W trigger had to be stood on to actuate and I hadn't learned how to clean and lighten an AR trigger at that time. I later inquired to Leon and he passed it. Since then, MJ issued the letter.

Keith, just keep the SR stuff out of it and don't use the sling in prone.... Ken
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Old 05-26-2017, 09:05 AM
milprileb milprileb is offline
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This can't be something CMP is deaf and dumb about. Just put out what is / is not authorized on triggers for this match. What does that take...a few hours effort to craft up the change and post it ?

What is outrageous is not having a standard . You can't pass some 2 stage triggers and then not pass others with 2 stage triggers...all of this when the standard is GI triggers only.

If I was worried about this, I'd take a spare GI trigger set with me when I hit a CMP match and be able to reinstall it just in case ...IN CASE...CMP is following their rules and standards. Helluva note !! ...
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Old 05-26-2017, 04:27 PM
ceresco ceresco is offline
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Well....there are two problems: a poorly written, edited and thought out rule book and inspections that are inconsistent. Both these problems have been around for a long time. Getting a ruling from CMP beforehand and having a copy are a partial solution. Good Shooting. ...
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