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Old 07-11-2020, 08:26 AM
Quarterbore Quarterbore is offline
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Default North Store - 7/11/2020

I am at the North Store having arrived at 8:00 with an 8:30 appointment. I have to apologize some as I didnít even look at the bolt guns to list what was there but there was a good number.

I was mostly looking at barrels and I hoped to buy a 5.2 or 5.4 Mil Springfield but didnít find what I hopped for. I found four WRA barrels including two on WRA receivers and two on Springfields. There were a lot of LMR barrels and I noted quite a few IHCs but I didnít honestly study them.

As for the Specials there was a lot of nice rifles on the rack some had pitting but most looked really good.

There was a row of bolt guns that was getting attention but I didnít inventory exactly what was on the shelf.

I ended up buying a WRA Field Grade see 142.xxx with a WRA barrel M3/T2. It also has a SA short fork follower rod. Iíll have to post photos tomorrow as I wonít be home until then.

First visit and I was glad to have the appointment as There were about 6 guys that had to wait outside until those of us with an appointment was done.
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Old 07-11-2020, 02:10 PM
bob moore bob moore is offline
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Sounds like you got something good!
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Old 07-11-2020, 04:04 PM
Bullitt5381 Bullitt5381 is offline
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Got in at 8:30 AM with my buddy, lots of cool stuff. There were three field 03A3s left, no M1917s, rack of service grade specials, rack of M1 Winchester field grades, one of which was a 11xxxx serial with a WRA bolt that I seriously wanted.

Two IHC field grades and a rack of IHC service grades and Winchester service grades. Some field grade SAs as well.

Best rack in my opinion was the 1903 and 1903 mark I rifles. Lots of great stuff.

I ended up with an IHC service grade in GI wood. IHC bolt, sights, op rod, LMR barrel, gas plug and front sight. Havenít dug any deeper since I got it home but it spoke to me so all my intentions of a bolt gun were thrown out the window. Maybe next time Iíd like to get one of those mark I 1903s. Man they looked good.
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Old 07-12-2020, 09:32 AM
migunshooter migunshooter is offline
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that is the kind of IHC i am looking for!
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