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Old 08-23-2019, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by milwaukeeshaker View Post
I shoot all of mine, even the expensive rarities, not all the time, but every now and then I run a few rounds through them. Carbines are a military gun. They ain't made of glass. I think it's a shame to relegate them to "safe queen" status. JMHO
To each their own.

If I want to shoot a P-38, I have a post-war P1 that serves just fine. I don't have to shoot that AC 42 with the 77 year old bakelite grips and old springs. I get the experience of shooting that pattern of service pistol without subjecting a war trophy to the shock and recoil.

If other guys want to shoot old collectable guns, some fraction of which will unfortunately get damaged, then maybe it will make mine more valuable.
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Old 08-23-2019, 11:03 AM
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It's your gun. Use it in the manner you decide because that's all that matters. Anyone else's opinion on how they use theirs is irrelevant in regard to how you use your own. Do corporations or museums look for internet opinions on how they should use their collections?

BTW, it's probably the recoil area that will develop a crack more easily than the high wood. Carbines WERE a military gun for the US. Now they're a Curio & Relic.
People, use adverbs please. CORRECT: Do it quickly. INCORRECT: Do it quick. You don't say, "Go there immediate", do you?
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