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Old 11-30-2017, 10:43 PM
Vos Parate Vos Parate is offline
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Default Hra 4662xxx

I received this form the CMP in March 2015
HRA 4662XXX Hang Tag 3/2/15 Purchased from CMP
Production HRA - Harrington & Richardson Arms Company January 1953 4730000
Receiver -
Barrel HRA D6535448 4-53 RS22 punch mark, in the white TE 1+ MW 1+
Bolt - D6528287 HRA UW January/1953 to December/1954 4660001 - 4800000
Bullet guide -
Clip latch -
Extractor -
Follower -
Follower and slide -
Follower rod -
Gas cylinder -
Gas lock
Gas lock screw - HRA
Hammer - C46008-3 SA Type 2C June/1942 to June/1943 680001 - 1630000
Handguards - USGI
Lower band -
Operating rod - D35382 9 SA 6 December/1943 to January/1945 2250001 3450000
Operating rod catch -
Rear sight Elevation HRA Windage unmarked
Safety - unmarked
Stock - SA over JLG Boxed Circle serif P
Trigger - unmarked
Trigger guard - milled unmarked
Trigger housing - - D28290-12-SA Type 8 December/1942 to November/1944 1010001 3300000

I haven't changed anything yet. I will be looking for a 4.2 SA to go with the stock. I have a 3/8" DAS stock on another rifle.

Any comments/observations that add to the discussion are appreciated.
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Old 11-30-2017, 11:59 PM
jerryjeff jerryjeff is offline
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Hiding the serial number doesn't help in this case(well it never helps). The barrel dates jump around at this early stage.

4,661,868 8-52 RD69 CMP
4,661,901 4-53 PGG99 CMP
4,661,988 dpd3672 CMP
4,661,994 2-53 LMR
4,662,213 4-53 HRA LSM 124 CMP
4,662,511 Bdrt
4,662,551 12-52
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