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Old 06-11-2020, 07:27 PM
Gman366 Gman366 is offline
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Default Tankers, tankers, tankers! parts kits

Garand parts kits: I will mount the barrel, headspace the bolt, & assemble the M1 freebies if you buy any kit.

1. Standard Garand with used barrel in 30-06 only, gauging 3 or better, & used wood. $650.00
2. Standard Garand with new Criterion barrel in 30-06 or 308, & new walnut wood $850
3. Tanker parts kit with new Criterion barrel in 30-06 or 308 & new walnut wood, which includes the 1 inch front handguard $850.00
4. Conversion kit from standard Garand to tanker, which includes new Criterion barrel in30-06 or 308, Walnut 1 front handguard, tanker op rod, & special tanker spring. $450
5. Shipping on kits, $40, on conversion kit, $30
6. Parts: tanker oprod, $125, + $20 shipping
7. new Criterion Tanker barrel, in 30-06 or 308,$180.00, & $25 shipping
8. Short front handguard stripped, $35, with ferrule, liner, & modified lower band $60
9. Tanker spring $20. Shipping $8.00

I checked the price of the parts for a tanker, total $435, full rifles $845. Factoring int the shipping charges, it is not any cheaper to buy all the parts separately to build an M1.

Paypal, (my handle is gman366@comcast.net.) credit cards, PMO. Bank check , newcMercedes ok.
I need trigger housings & parts, which I will take in trade.
Tony Giacobbe, NJ.
Please contact me directly at gman366@comcast.net

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