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Old 11-22-2018, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by nhbandit View Post
So why was my post yesterday wanting to trade brass for brass deleted without even the courtesy of an explanation ?
Originally Posted by Shomway View Post
If you want to trade or sell here you need your state location and your full name in your profile. Mods will delete otherwise....
Good morning Mark,
Your ad was reported to us regarding the required info (name/state) in your profile, which you have since corrected, as Gordon mentions.
PM sent...

As I explained to Mark and for everyone’s edification...
We used to try and send courtesy notices; however, because a certain member had a major meltdown back in March when he DID get a courtesy notice PM, and then twisted the facts about such in a thread that brought even more unwanted attention to the already-in-jeopardy Marketplace (despite the documentation of the PMs to demonstrate otherwise), we no longer do that.

In effect, we are all adults and everyone’s “courtesy notice” is the Marketplace rules clearly and prominently posted in not just the top of every Marketplace sub-section (twice even!), but in the rules announcement found in Site Announcements and every section of the forum.
They can’t be made any more clear, and as with any forum (and even most things in life) it’s incumbent upon the member to know the applicable operating guidelines and rules.

A lot of forums subject members to instant suspension for failing to meet similar requirements, even the first time...or have a post number requirement to post in the MP (which we used to have), but we don’t take it that severely and as also mentioned in these announcements, we will gladly restore any ads once the profile info is corrected.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,
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