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Old 08-08-2018, 06:51 AM
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Default Nat'l Matches Feedback....Paper Schedule

Dear CMP:

I thoroughly enjoyed my rigorous 9 day schedule last week. As much as I would like to gripe about this and that, there is really only one item I want to mention....

Please, please, PLEASE proof-read the hard copy "Competitors Firing/Scoring/Pit Assignment Relay Rotation" booklet prior to distribution.

Besides there being some copy/paste from last year's schedule, as in Vintage Sniper match starting immediately following Hearst Doubles, there were some glaring errors that lead to quite a few people wandering up and down Viale Range looking for the correct place, and time, to get squadded (Vin Sniper).

Then there was one early match (NTI, Hearst maybe?) where we were told that the squadding assignments were just "wrong" (the tower's word, not mine), and the tower just started rattling off which relays were supposed to be at any given moment.

Other things of note:

Just to mention how long it took to get sponges in the pits. It sounded like there was some backstory to this one...but I don;t think we had them until Hearst. (very minor)

One more note, that was dealt with on-site, but the 'sand' bags....I really appreciate Mr. Johnson handling it the way he did. The 'corn-cob media bags' were obviously atrocious, and I guess I don't need to ask that CMP refrain from their use in future matches.

Despite an obvious lack of volunteers, you guys did very well. I felt bad for our pit officer during the M1A match, with an UNREAL number of excessive/insufficient hits (never heard of half a dozen points calling out at the same time before) needing an official.

Thank you, and see you next summer.
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