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Old 02-11-2019, 02:59 PM
jimthompson502002 jimthompson502002 is offline
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Seems it's going to look MUCH better than I had ever dared hope. Nothing this complex is perfect on the first go-round, but after more than fifty major updates with the old publisher, the old two-volume duo wasn't what I had in mind when I began this ridiculous, miserable process about 1990 or so.

This gets pretty close.

Everything here is pre-printing, which is why the table of contents shows no page numbers, for example, but at LONG LAST, something encouraging has happened. No idea when actual ink and paper will toddle along.

Moreover, Simon and Schuster will be the actual distributors, and that along with the very attractive pricing means, if I can only live another century or so, I might actually break even on all this foolishness. Skyhorse, of course, is the publisher.

People have asked, and I stumbled across more information this morning, while digging around for something else.

Looks as if hard copies might be available quite soon. I am not quite sure, but it APPEARS the electronic versions are already in distribution.

There will likely be a final edit, and hopefully, SOON.

The color use is quite lavish, and I was very surprised how much I, myself, enjoyed it.

Succinctly put, it may finally be what was envisioned some 30 years ago, when first I took my gazillion page manuscript in hand and showed it to the endless arrays of publishers, all of whom rejected it, some of them--INCLUDING PALADIN!!--rejected several times.

FINALLY, the passages about the work being practical and not industrial history got back in, in detail.

No, no elaborate or fancy claims. There's one picture mixup in what I saw, and a capital letter not used, and so on. But it has a kind of comfortable, homey look to me that is what I was hoping for all those decades ago.

Some links to the Skyhorse book, THE ESSENTIAL M1 GARAND:








These are from cloudfront, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Whether the links will work or not, I do not know. What I DO know is, the prices seem attractive, Simon and Schuster will apparently be the distributor, the hard copy is not yet out, but it seems as if it might actually get back to the original idea.

Apparently, the electronic versions are out, or at least for sale. Nosing around the Amazon site should yield more data, as will Barnes and Noble and some of the other literary/book sale sites. There's information on the Simon & Schuster site, too. They'll be distributing.

Color use seems lavish, especially compared to the old Paladin two-volume set, which used no interior color at all. To me, this never mattered much on the shots of the firearms, but in the action photos, the color adds some interest.

The Simon and Schuster site is showing it, which is good.

One picture mixup on page xii involves one of my favorite shots, one of the most taxing to plan and create, and so that's been addressed and will be rectified soon.

Not sure of everything, but I actually like the way this is set up!!


Page xii photo mixup, soon to be rectified!!

Here are three links that won't change constantly:





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