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Old 07-12-2012, 04:15 PM
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Default SA SG report 7/12/2012

I was the only visitor in the store this morning for the first 15 minutes, couldn't have been more than six or eight visitors total up to the time I left at ~9:45. Was only interested in the SA SGs, so that's all I can report on regarding condition.

There were about eight SA SGs on the racks when I walked in at 7:45, another half dozen were brought out a half hour later. I got the impression from the back room banter that the staff is hesitant to display many SA SGs on the floor. High mail order demand, perhaps. WWIIs and postwars were about evenly split, all had GI wood, wood condition was very so-so. The only two that I found appealing enough to ship home were two arsenal rebuilds, a 3.2M SA '65 rebuild and a 3.1M LEAD '65 rebuild, both with '65 barrels and exceptional freshly parked finishes. However, both had substitute non-rebuild trigger groups and stocks. MWs are "0" and "0.5" respectively. Also saw a 3.0M LEAD '64 rebuild, and a 5.3M with NM barrel (MW of 1) and NM op rod. Unfortunately, without the CMP certification the NM parts don't mean much.

HRA and SA FGs galore, maybe 200 total, examined only a few to pass the time but didn't find any "gems." No doubt there are some, just didn't bother to look that closely. Probably 60-80 HRA SGs. The few I looked over had excellent metal but so-so GI wood. One solitary WRA, an SG that was not a WIN-13, black finish and a postwar barrel in CMP orange birch. Lotsa Krags and snipers, didn't pay them much attention.

That's all folks.
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