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Old 09-04-2016, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by cplnorton View Post
They were just the standard safety from SA that was on the NM bolt, that the Marines received. The Marines didn't do anything to the safety or change them.

On removing the spring, it's actually pretty easy. You unscrew the eyepiece till it comes off. Then that ring with the 8 on it, unscrew that till it comes off.

Now you have to be careful as the crosshairs are right there and exposed, and if you still have the original center dot crosshairs in the scope, you can not replace that center dot. Or at least I know no one who does. So if you have the center dot, don't hit those crosshairs.

But otherwise the mounts then can just slide off the tube, the same with the spring. And you just put it back together in reverse. It really is pretty simple. I know the first one I did, I was scared too. lol But it's a couple minutes and not very hard.
A suggestion I received from a former Unertl Company employee was to put an appropriate size long socket up against the 7/8" scope tube after you have the eyepiece and "8" ring off. It should keep your crosshairs safe which as cplnorton said are just inside the tube. Otherwise I was advised the mount plunger will likely be shot inside the tube requiring a crosshair replacement. You do have to loosen the screws on the "ring" that has the power marking on it to unscrew it.

A beautiful looking 1903 Unertl clone/replica rifle. The safety will be an easy swap.
Feedback thread;

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Old 09-04-2016, 05:50 PM
Allen Humphrey Allen Humphrey is offline
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Great looking project! My compliments on the photography too. Solid dark background color with even lighting works well.

I notice you have a star gauged barrel and your stock appears to be an original pre-war C stock, and a NM butt plate. Others will have to let us know if that is correct or not.

The cut-off has been notched to clear the windage knob of the lyman sight I think. I'd replace that along with a new safety as they are both cheap and available.
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Old 09-04-2016, 06:08 PM
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Nice job
GCA match coming up at Talladega on 9/24-25, you could try it at the vintage sniper match.
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1903, m1941, sniper, usmc

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