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Old 10-05-2018, 10:04 AM
Sandy Claws Sandy Claws is offline
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Unhappy 1911 Sales Feedback

I have been a supporter of the CMP for quite some time. I have followed along with the organization, have done my volunteer time with them, and spent oodles of money on the offerings. Despite some hiccups at times, one could count on the CMP to "make things right". They were a good-natured group and were respectful at the worst of times.

When the news of the 1911 sales came to be, I expected no less than what the organization has done with any of their other sales. I understand that jumping through several more government hoops would be a challenge, but one I had faith the CMP could handle with their typical patience.

HOWEVER, right out of the gate it seemed the one chosen to communicate with customers on the forum was ill suited to the task, and in no time acted like he was overburdened and repeatedly tossed toxicity toward those asking questions. Complete absence of tact. Put in a position to be the mouth of the 1911 sales, the tone was of being bothered with the task of answering questions. When questions were actually answered, they are often delivered with spite and in a couple cases contradicted what the website showed or decisions made by higher ups. On one hand being loathe to actually answer questions clearly, on the other hand acting miffed that lacking actionable intel people would speculate and make educated guesses when having discussions.

In regard to the sales process itself it truly appears that it is being made up as the process goes on. 13 days into the acceptance of packets, it was suddenly announced on the forum that it was decided that multiple order packets in the same packaging would disqualify both packets. I can only imagine how this would crush those who went through all of the effort and were willing to spend a not small amount of money, only to have the policy changed to disqualify them outright.

As far as being contacted with one's drawing number (as it states on the website), a clear answer as to if that would be happening prior to being notified to choose a pistol grade was simply answered:
Originally Posted by cmp1911admin View Post
Our plan is to notify everyone.
As much a non-answer as cmp1911admin could come up with. This is just one example of a very clear question that could have been answered clearly, but it was not.

The issue suddenly after years of orders sent without page 4A for rifles, as 4A was simply (and written in the small print) a customer courtesy for gathering needed documents. Nowhere in the small print numbered "instruction" was it stated that 4A needed to be sent in (with a nod to the top of 4A that said to include it, which mirrors the rifle page). The answer to questions about why it would suddenly be a requirement and something if left out would disqualify orders was met with "The CMP and CMP1911 are not the same thing" and "you had 90 days to do it right". That DQ status was walked back, to the relief of many.

In any event, the overall tone of the 1911 sales has been in a word "toxic" on both sides of the process. It is clear people are walking on eggshells in the 1911 subfoum, afraid to rile up the trolls or to anger the one employee there to be the one communicating for CMP1911. Those who are quick to point out that the CMP is not the same as CMP1911 should keep in mind that the latter are spending all the good will that the former have earned over the decades.

There it is. Just one guy's observations and feedback.
My confidence in the organization has been shaken.

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