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Old 10-21-2018, 12:36 PM
nativesniper111 nativesniper111 is offline
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Best bet is to find something that pretty well mimics the military loadings as far as performance. Bullets between 150 and 180 grains, 'standard' stuff at the usual velocities (NOT the 'High Energy' or 'Magnum' loads from Federal/Hornaday).

Odds are the off-the-shelf Remington / Winchester / etc. stuff will do just fine. You could pull a bullet or two and even see if it was loaded with stick or ball powders, but that's probably carrying it a bit far.

After all, it IS a battle rifle, and was made to operate reliably under a fairly wide range of conditions......

My thoughts, anyway.
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Old 10-21-2018, 01:38 PM
Whitpusmc Whitpusmc is offline
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Well I took a box of the Remington CoreLok 150 grain out and shot most of it with no apparent issues.
But I don’t mind being cautious so I bought one of the Garand Gear plugs probably belts and suspenders but shouldn’t hurt.
My question is will my zero that is currently on the rifle change just by adding the gas plug?
Does anyone have any actual experience with their zero changing after adding a plug?
3rd degree firearms enthusiast

My feedback thread

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