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Old 10-07-2019, 08:37 PM
LeadSnowstorm LeadSnowstorm is online now
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Default New purchase - second carbine

Had been feeling the itch for awhile now. Lo and behold, my mother-in-law called me up and says there are some firearms at an estate sale she's visiting. Pointed me to photos of the sale, and looky there, an M1 carbine...

Over the phone they said "Inland, with 4-43 Inland barrel, no import marking, $825." That was enough to get me over there to see for myself.

Well. Turns out the folks running the estate sale did have an FFL and were a company, so 8.25% sales tax was being charged. Not a total deal-breaker, when you consider getting something online and paying for shipping and transfer fees, but still. No negotiating, price firm. So that's, what, about $900? Hmm.

Noting the silvery park, and the serial inscribed on the receiver in front of the rear sight, I went hunting. Seller's face fell when I pointed out the import stamp. Whomp whomp. I guess we'll negotiate after all...

If scarcity mentality didn't rule the day with carbines, I'd probably have strolled away. But...barrel matching serial range...USGI wood, banged all to heck but I'm a sucker for the been there, done that, got all the dents look...handguard doesn't quite match but I can work with that...darn if it isn't an inconspicuous kind of import stamp...

Best I could do evaluating the bore was shine my phone flashlight up in there. I hadn't been planning on buying a carbine, y'see. Didn't have my light, didn't have my muzzle gauge. The bore looked shiny, at least, from what I could see, but the rifling looked a bit worn.

But you know how this ends. The juices are flowing now. You know now, as well as I knew then, I was gonna overpay for that carbine and take it home. And that's what happened.

Got it home and pulled the muzzle gauge out of the safe. With great trepidation I inserted it. I half expected it to drop all the way down the bore and rattle out of the receiver.

I will be darned if it doesn't gauge under 3. Closer to 3 than 2, that's for sure, but still. After I ratcheted my jaw off the floor I got a better light down the bore, and there might be some life left in the old war baby yet. Proof is in the pudding; we'll have to get it out to the range.

$775 out the door, including sling, oiler, 2 mags (not USGI). A man once said you never pay too much for a gun, you just buy it too early. As I was filling out the paperwork another person rushed in to see it.

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Old 10-07-2019, 11:30 PM
Herrmann Herrmann is offline
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Worth the $ and import stamps don't bother me if the gun is OK.
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Old 10-08-2019, 06:07 AM
309Carbine 309Carbine is offline
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$775 for a good solid shooter is certainly a good price. One of my better shooters has the dreaded BLUE SKY mark on it. It has never cared and I don’t either for what I invested. I even have a BLUE SKY owners manual.

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Old 10-09-2019, 01:23 AM
Wakko Wakko is offline
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I think $775 is ok. That's a tiny import mark, and that stock is definitely nice. Oil up that park and it'll darken up.
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