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Old 04-08-2016, 09:08 AM
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Default Cross Dominant Scout Scope Mount Modification

This can be done with off the shelf parts. No fabrication required.
Scout handguard, two short or one long picatinny rail adapters and one 1" high riser picatinny rail.

The view for the left eyed shooter.

The Mad Mac Franken-scope cross dominant hardware.

Here is the background.

My two grandsons are both cross dominant and lost interest shooting the Gamo Whisper air rifle when I taped over the left lens of their safety glasses. So I began doing some research on cross dominant rifle shooting.

I've decided that for real world shooting where situational awareness is critical, eye patches, lens fogging and crutches like this special scope mount that limit the shooter to a single modified weapon are not the way to go and I will teach them to either shoot left handed are right eyed with conventional sights.

But then I got this idea for Garand shooters that might have only one eye or just can't shoot left handed or whatever. I had 90% of the components already and bought the last bit of kit, a one inch picatinny rail riser.

The M1 Garand CMP Scout handguard has holes tapped on the sides for additional picatinny rails to hold lasers, flashlights, death rays and whatnot. I mean I couldn't let the youngsters with the black rifles have all the fun, so I kitted up my DCM Garand a few years back.

To do the Franken-scope, it was simply a matter of moving the right hand short rail to the left side and adding the riser. There are 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and one inch risers available. I went with one inch figuring that a cheek pad could be used to move the shooter's head into alignment. It works for my 7-7/8 head without a pad.

This arrangement would also allow further modifications. Because of the relief from the receiver, a large scope with big lenses could be used. The picatinny rails could be moved as far back as possible on the Scout handguard and the riser could be moved back on the rails and the scope could be moved back on the rings until something approximating normal eye relief is achieved. Then an extended eye relief scope would not be required, greatly increasing the selection of scopes available.

I have not shot the Mad Mac Cross Dominant Franken-Scope Mod but I may let my grandsons try it, but I am not going to promote it as a long-term solution. If it helps anyone else enjoy shooting a Garand, my work is done.

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Old 04-14-2016, 09:45 AM
Mad Mac Mad Mac is offline
Join Date: Apr 2016
Location: TX
Posts: 9
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One more thing. The mounting angle caused the riser to interfere with the windage turret and the scope had to be rotated 90 degrees. The windage becomes the elevation adjustment and the elevation becomes the windage adjustment.

This should not be a problem for scopes with the popular crosshair reticles. However, post reticles and some ranging scopes would not be satisfactory.
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Old 03-11-2017, 09:18 PM
Whitpusmc Whitpusmc is offline
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I hunted this year (unsuccessfully the prey had other commitments apparently) with my CMP M1D which I'd mounted a repro scope to but had yet to attach the cheek piece. I found that I could take a normal cheek weld and use the irons with my right eye, or use my left eye through the scope. I'm certain that for long range accuracy it wouldn't have been the best solution but at hunting ranges of less that 100 yards it was accurate enough.

So that's another option?

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