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Old 09-13-2017, 05:22 PM
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The M1 Garand section in the Hornady 9th ed does not list H414 for any weight of bullet. It does list 2 Vihtavouri powders that bracket H414 in the burn rate chart.

Viht N-140 and N-150 are listed for 168 and 178 grain bullets but not 150-155.
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Old 09-13-2017, 06:22 PM
jailbirdwatcher jailbirdwatcher is offline
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I fired a few of my hand loads in a Century Arms receivered M1 many years ago, and the op rod came out of the track about three times out of ten. This rifle worked fine with Greek HXP. My hand load was 56 grains of H414 and a 165 grain bullet. This round shoots well in my bolt action deer rifle, but I would not use that powder in any of my M1's.
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Old 09-29-2017, 02:57 PM
Parkr1942 Parkr1942 is offline
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Attempted to sell the H414 powder at the NGD Show here Sept 16, 17 but was unsuccessful at fire sale basement pricing so decided to buy a Schuster plug and put together some light loads for my Garands.
Results are in....Range was sunny with very light breeze from 2 o'clock.

All shots at 100 yds from sandbags lest you think I am an awesome offhand shooter.......

308 Win Model 70 Results
WRA-65 Cases, WLR primer, Nosler 155 CC, 2.790" OAL H-414 @ 47.0, 47.5, 48.0, 48.5 grain weighed charges.
Ran a few 3 shot groups through a Win Model 70 Heavy Varmint to check potential accuracy. Best group was 1/2" @ 48.5 gr., and 5/8" with 48.0 close behind.

M-1 45-03 Garand with fairly new 308 Criterian Barrel and Schuster Gas Plug The Schuster plug was installed fully open as shipped from the factory so it functioned like a bolt gun,i.e., singled loaded and op rod manually pulled back to extract the empty round after each shot. No brass to find in the grass. No worries about op rod damage with powder not recommended for Garand use.
Ditto above 4 loads.
Best Group was 48.5 gr. with 4 in 3/4" and 5 in 1 1/2" which is equal to the best ever shot through this particular Garand. I got excited and likely pulled the 5th.

M1 42-08 Garand with 65 Barrel in 30-06
WCC-55 Cases, WLR primer, 3.300" OAL, Nosler 155 CC, H-414 @ 52.0, 53.0, 54.0 gr.

Best was 52.0 gr with 3 shots in 7/8", 4 in 1 1/4" and 1 flyer which opened it up to 3"

2nd Best was 53.0 with 3 shots in 1", 4 in 1 1/2", and 5 in 2 1/4" Some vertical stringing as barrel was warming up.

The 54.0 was pretty much scattered.

Am very satisfied with the results in both the 308 and 30-06 Garands. With the plug adjusted to make the OP Rod function the loads would be great for JCG matches in the 30-06 Garand. The net of all this is H-414 powder gives very acceptable accuracy in the Garands and my cost for the Schuster Plug was about $40. At the current price of powder I figure I am considerably ahead of the game by using the H-414 up instead of selling it for next to nothing..Case Closed....Thanks for all the inputs....
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