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Old 04-03-2017, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by bpm990d View Post
The notion that CMP or NRA HP should reflect what is being taught at Benning to OSUT Soldiers is a joke right? They haven't taught marksmanship since the late 50s since Trainfire was introduced.

The idea that standing before sitting was some kind of a safety issue was championed by people that didn't want to shoot against a multi-time NRA HP Champion that had a knee replaced and got a waiver to start in position. Yeah starting in position is a huge advantage. If that person was a Service Rifle shooter we would all be starting from position in CMP matches. Getting into position is a skill, that has been lost on NRA HP shooters and it's all the more reason to keep it. The recommendation to start from position stinks more than rotting fish.

BTW, we also use to load a round in the chamber before getting into position. Nobody died.

I never understood the change made years ago that was supposed to be for those that had physical limitations of some sort, you know, that someone with reduced physical capability (and not some typical lard-****** that complains each year how his coat "shrunk" over the winter) could start from position. That ability was ALWAYS there, you just had to get a statement from your doctor I believe the procedure was. in any case, there was always a way to do it. I stopped shooting XC when that change was made. Might as well Golf if we keep lowering the bar aa we have. Wait...on second thought, I don't wish Golf on anyone

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Harrington &Richardson 5,549,399.

I would drive right past the CMP "shoots" at Camp Perry to attend the National Matches.
"REPO" M1 Parts: The parts that you buy that they come to take back later on.
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Old 04-03-2017, 09:18 PM
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This has been an interesting study as a thread. While walking the line at our local HP match I couldn't help but smile and wonder if the rising popularity with the bent strong leg in prone wasn't primarily to give room for all the sow bellies I saw hanging on the ground. Can't imagine laying on that and still retaining cardio/pulmonary function. I think when distilled to it's essence we collectively just have to remember that getting old isn't for sissies. None of us will ever again be as strong, fast, accurate, clear eyed and flexible as we once were. Deal with it. I like many had my day in the sun. There is nothing to prove to anyone and hanging more gaudy prizes around the place for the estate sale isn't on the bucket list. I just enjoy being around folks who try to play by the rules and have a good time doing so. Man I love this country!
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Old 04-11-2017, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Greg Ficklin View Post
The CMP should reinstate the participation requirement to purchase rifles from the CMP.
It was the participation requirement of the DCM to have 150 rounds for record in DCM M1 clinics or NM course of fire that started me 27 years ago. I was an enlisted Marine and had no idea that I could shoot and compete as a civilian the way I learned to shoot at Paris Island, until I saw a club clinic flyer in a gun store. It is the same today. Had it not been a process to channel my desire of an M1 into participation, and education about a world right under my nose, I would not be a Distinguished Rifleman, or any other achievement in the shooting world. It all started with wanting a DCM Garand.
I'm with you Greg. Imagine if everyone had to shoot two matches for every Garand they purchased from the CMP. We would have a lot more people shooting HP.
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