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Old Yesterday, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by JimF View Post
HUH??? . . . . .

That “circular plug” on the slide, below the muzzle, has nothing to do with the firing pin.

I know, it is there to take the beating that would normally fall on the unhardened slide face. When they started to harden the whole slide, this plug was omitted.

I simply mentioned the firing pin so people could find it. You are thinking of the hole for the mainspring plug, I mean on the breech face.

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Originally Posted by N8232J View Post
Investigate a powder called 'Trail Boss'.

I've used it in 45 automatic with both 200 grain and 230 grain lead bullets with good results.

It's whistle clean burning and has the additional feature of being difficult to double charge in a pistol case. This is a very good safety boost for larger capacity cases when using light loads.

There's no need to beat yourself up shooting anything. That's for the macho kids who watch too many movies. They usually grow out of it.

+1 for Trail Boss powder. I have been using for .45 acp for a couple of months now with both plated 230 gr RN and cast 230 gr RN and TC bullets.
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Originally Posted by rickgman View Post
I have been reloading .45 ACP ammo for over 3 decades. It is relatively simple conpared to reloading rifle ammo. I load 200 grain SWC's at just under 800 fps and they are more accurate and milder to shoot than full factory loads. They function the pistol perfectly with a standard 16 lb recoil spring so you can go back and forth between the target/practice loads and factory ammo without disassembling the pistol.
This is a great solution . However if you are worried about your GI 1911 and damage /wear by shooting, just grease it in RIG and store it away. For $400 you can buy a near clone of that pistol from Rock Island and shoot the hell out of the RIA 1911 with full up 230 Grain hard ball loads or "geezer" loads and no harm done to the RIA 1911.

If you can get over the collector value thing and just want to shoot a GI 1911, follow ricks advice here or lighter geezer loads...and use a new recoil spring ...that is a must...don't use that old GI spring, spend 6 bucks and put a new spring in for shooting. You can tag and keep the orig. spring for when you want to restore the pistol to condition as it came from CMP to you.

Changing Firing Pin spring too....good insurance !
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