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Old 07-11-2015, 10:04 PM
mtlucas0311 mtlucas0311 is offline
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Default 7-11-15 visit

I was squaded on 3rd relay today and woke up a little after 7 so I figured what the hell, why not go stand in line. I was 9th in line until 3 guys pulled up and went through the garage door to stand by the door and bypass the picnic table line, so I was 12th when they opened, lol. The guys who used to be first seemed a little agitated, but not enough to say anything, I was more than a little amused. There was 1 carbine for 800 and a few with new wood for 900. I really didn't see them because they flew off the racks. There were 2 SA FG's that disappeared instantly by a nice couple I was chatting with and a few Winchesters. I picked up the last Winchester and looked it over, I think it was a 1.39 or so and thought it might be a Win 13 but I don't have those numbers comitted to memory. It had a replacement barrel with FG measurements and few WRA parts that I could see, a bolt was about it. I think I beat somebody to it by few steps because he looked like he was hoping I would put it back. I got a nice SG WRA at Talledega in June so I handed it to him. Hopefully he was an out of towner hoping to get a Winchester.

There were a few IHC FG's with LMR's, they seemed to get the least amount of attention. After I handed off the Winchester I picked up the second to last IHC. It had an LMR barrel @3M and3T with a clean bore, a clear JLG stock & ordnance wheel, IHC bolt, Winchester gas cylinder and after Bob popped it out of the stock, an IHC op-rod and -1 trigger group. I deliberated for a minute and had him write it up for me. If you're willing to get there early enough to be one of the first few I line, you can pry get somethig decent.

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Old 07-11-2015, 10:41 PM
tep0583 tep0583 is offline
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They didn't get in first. I was first in line and first through the door. Apparently the mistake I DID make was stopping to answer the girl at the counter, who was asking if we brought any weapons with us #2 and #3 weren't having any of that and went straight in. I hustled after them, once I figured out I was on a fools errand.

It all worked out, in the end.
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Old 07-13-2015, 08:45 AM
TSimonetti TSimonetti is offline
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Was the garage door open before the three line jumpers got there? ALWAYS go in the garage door if it's open. In addition, I can normally walk toward the buzzer door while I'm telling the girl I don't have any weapons.

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Old 07-13-2015, 11:51 AM
bandofM1 bandofM1 is offline
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Come on guys play right,first in first choice!! Lets not be Black Friday fighter's and scum bag cheaters. Godbless!!

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Old 07-13-2015, 12:24 PM
mtlucas0311 mtlucas0311 is offline
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Location: Macomb Twp, Michigan
Posts: 318

You mean first re-seller or collector in, first choice...the guys who actually shoot are on the line or in the pits when the stores open. If inventory is never coming back, I don't know why they just don't go mail order only or list it on the CMP auction. They could even add new categories like "target grade" for rifles with exceptional throats, bores, muzzles, and stock fits or redefine collector grade as rifles with some early or desirable parts. Everybody knows the auction gets big bucks, let stuff sell at market value and use that to fund more clinics and matches, that IS what the CMP's mission is.
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Old 07-13-2015, 01:04 PM
Secret Squirrel 1434 Secret Squirrel 1434 is offline
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I usually would not chime in on these types of discussions - however, I'll make this exception...

Please - let's not forget about those shooters who may not compete - but are still "shooters". I for one am late to the purchasing arena...if you noticed - I said "purchasing" not "collector or reseller".

I am a mail order client because I do not have the luxury of making it to the NS (the closest)...although I will (would like to) at some point. Some people do not have deep pockets to purchase their rifles via the auction - so I personally would not like to see all the rifles hit the auction block...

I have no intention of reselling or "parting out" my one and only Garand. I am honored to own a piece of military history. I come from a long line of service members - me included. I favor the AK-47 and ARs...but now owe a special thanks to my father-in-law who has turned me onto my new addiction. A longtime advocate of military history - he has shown me what I have missed out on. Again, I am deeply honored to own this mixmaster rifle - engulfed in rich history...

I support CMP's cause and feel their mission is just - and I support them by purchasing and maintaining said rifle. CMP offer's guys like me a chance to own a beautiful rifle while at the same time supporting their mission within my budget.

I for one cannot compete with a high end spender on the auctions and even if I could, I wouldn't...I feel that I do my best to support, by mail ordering when I can. I am looking forward to shooting each and every rifle I may be lucky enough to own...and cannot wait to pass them down the line to my children or nephews. I am not looking to "correct" or cannibalize...I get what I get and love it.

I will end with this...remember that there are some people out there who do not even own an Garand and you might just run into them at the rack while you're grabbing your umpteenth one...and them - their first. The impression you leave on the initial encounter will have a lasting effect on the one who was just eager to have an opportunity at grabbing their first...most of us just want a piece of dying history, something to research and learn about...something to pass down to those we leave behind...

I ask you to remember why you got involved in the first place - reflect upon yourself - have you changed, are you still the same enthusiastic newbie or have you become something different? A Grinch, a hoarder perhaps? Do you think the Garand was made for you and you alone and that no one else should have one…“mine, mine, mine…” Only you can answer these questions and the answer may surprise you and even sting a bit.

This message is not directed at anyone - just my 2c (two cents)...the term "you" is used as a generalist term...I agree with Bando...can't we all just get along?

All I ask, is that you not forget the newbies who are doing what they can to support the CMP mission while at the same time trying to own a piece of history…it’s okay to grab one and pass it a new guy…tell him/her they're lucky and that maybe you have more than your fair share (sort of speak)...spend the time educating him/her properly about the history of the rifle and any distinguishing markings...I bet they'll never forget that type of encounter either…

Sorry for the rant...

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Old 07-13-2015, 02:07 PM
mtlucas0311 mtlucas0311 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Macomb Twp, Michigan
Posts: 318

If you'd actually go there you'd find that what your talking about is generally what happens. When somebody proclaims they are looking to buy their first rifle somebody almost always immediately starts helping them pick one out explaining what to look for and what to be weary of. And Bob himself has come out from behind the counter to help new or first time visitors choose a rifle.

You talk about supporting the CMP, why not take your Garand and shoot a club match once or twice a year? And if you REALLY want to support them start talking up the experience and get some other new shooters to attend the same matches and club level shooting clinics. There is no single better thing you can do than get new shooters involved in shooting clinics and events. And the "I don't have equipment" excuse is weak. I don't know of a single Garand match that doesn't have experienced shooters offering up equipment (really good equipment) and 1 on 1 coaching to try to get new shooters involved.
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Old 07-13-2015, 04:03 PM
Chunkman1 Chunkman1 is offline
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While the pushing and cutting does happen on occasion. 99% of the time it is a good time with good people discussing everything from hunting and fishing recipes to the shooting irons themselves. And 9 times out of 10 if you say this is your first time, someone will help you in the store. That is a bad example of 3 guys abusing the system and someone should have said something. I know I would have if i was in line and they walked ahead of me. Last year I was there at 330 am for the 1903 release. Me and my buddy were first in line outside the store. At 530 a guy gets out of his car and says "what is protocol?" He had been sitting in his car (as we saw when we pulled in). I said well your first brother and I am second in that case. He was here we saw him and we gave him what he deserved.. The first place in line.

Don't let a few bad apples ruin your thoughts of CMP. 99% of the time it is aces!!!
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