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Old 09-14-2019, 04:45 PM
charlie1511 charlie1511 is offline
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Location: California
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Default Need Advice - 1899 Krag Carbine

I need advice from the experts.

I have a chance to purchase a 1899 Krag Carbine and need opinions on whether this piece is worth the $400 I offered. The Carbine came out of a collection and a friend at work is selling them for the widow of the former owner. I made the offer sight unseen, I wanted to be fair and need to know if this is worth a lot more that what I offered. I now have the Carbine to inspect.

I may be wrong about some of this, but from what I can see the stock has been sanded and varnished, and most of the metal appears to have been blued at one point. I think this because the metal is a deep blue that appears to have been buffed. The rear sight base is a 1901 carbine base, but someone replaced the rear sight ladder and sight with a rear sight ladder from a 1903 Springfield. The barrel measures 22" from the closed bolt using a cleaning rod, and the front sight blade has been modified, but is stamped with a "c". Also the front hand guard has a crack, not visible, but it is there. Bore is strong and sharp, with some minor pitting.

Please help. Any thoughts from the experts would be appreciated. How difficult would it be to find a proper 1901 Carbine ladder and sliding sight. Would it be a major effort to restore the wood, don't know whether I would want to do that. Do I even have a 1899 Carbine.

Not looking for a museum piece, just to restore it and not dump a ton of money into it.

Hope my pics turned out, it was very sunny and bright today and I was in a rush. If anyone needs more pics let me know.

Thanks for looking

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Old 09-14-2019, 05:57 PM
AzMedic AzMedic is offline
Join Date: Dec 2014
Location: Arizona
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well according to Mr. Mallory (The Krag Rifle Story)
5,150 1899 carbines were produced.
I was unable to find your SN350364 in the records.
However. it is a SN between these two documented 1899 carbines
SN350272 99C 'Donated to Navy' and SN 350494 99c ' Donated to Navy' - Date of Donation 08/01/1943

ref pg 190: Cartouche looks like James Sumner Adams
ref Pg 131: A model 1903 Springfield sight will interchange with a Model 1902 Krag sight.

I might suggest seeing if this website will help: http://kragcollectorsassociation.org/
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Old 09-14-2019, 09:24 PM
BARFTS BARFTS is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Tennessee
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It is a carbine since all Model 1899 were carbines. It is worth $400, maybe a little more, but only as a shooter. Since the metal has been refinished I would not spend the money to correct anything as It will never have any real collector value.
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Old 09-14-2019, 10:25 PM
charlie1511 charlie1511 is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Location: California
Posts: 103

Thanks for the replies
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Old 09-15-2019, 12:00 AM
Calif-Steve Calif-Steve is offline
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: California
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I have a nice rifle and take it to the Western Games. Lots of Krag fun. Use your Carbine, have fun.
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Old 09-15-2019, 08:01 PM
MajDave MajDave is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Spring Lake, MI
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That carbine is very similar to mine, though mine has the original rear sight. My carbine has also been reblued and the stock has been varnished. I thing a lot of shooters did this to their carbines to protect the metal and make them look nicer for matches. I think $400 is a very good price and I know I wouldn't sell mine for that. My serial number is 284960.
According to Brophy's the KRAG Rifle "1899 Carbines have been observed from 222,609 to 362,256. They are mixed with Model 1998 rifle numbers." (Page 79)
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Old 09-16-2019, 10:27 AM
charlie1511 charlie1511 is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Location: California
Posts: 103


I took AZMedics advice and joined/posted it on the Krag Collectors Forum. I received some great advice and input.

So far, the stock appears refinished and the metal reblued (probably a bad cold blue buff job), the rear ladder and slide sight is wrong, and another will cost a lot. Other than that it appears mostly original configuration. $400 is good price, possibly a little under.

I think I will pick it up and take some time to find a complete rear sight, probably easier than finding original ladder and slide. I will not mess with anything else because it is what it is. not much collector value left.

Thanks for the input.
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Old 09-20-2019, 04:26 AM
DougS DougS is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Michigan
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Is this what you are looking for?




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Old 09-21-2019, 10:44 AM
charlie1511 charlie1511 is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Location: California
Posts: 103

Yes, those are the sights. I was told I could probably get by with a rifle sight, but I want the Carbine sight. I gotta save up, have not even bought the rifle yet so don't want to get ahead of myself.

Thanks for the help
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Old 09-22-2019, 08:41 AM
motorcop motorcop is offline
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Location: Southeast Wisconsin
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As one who dabbles in this sort of stuff, even though you don't have the rifle yet, but you know you will get it, don't hesitate to buy the sight if you find a good one. Sometimes the "extras" are more difficult to find than the firearm itself. Sights are sometimes next to impossible to locate especially ones in good condition, so don't pass up a decent one.

Rick H.
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