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Old 08-19-2017, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by BuddyBGood View Post
So how do you know when and if it has gone bad?
First, I want to make sure you know we are talking about 100% tung oil and only 100% tung oil -- not the garbage at Home Depot which is (mis)labeled as tung oil*. It is hard to find pure tung oil in a place like that.

As GreekHXP said, the odor will be bad. Good tung oil has a nutty scent, so if the odor is off, the oil is bad. Another sign is a "skin" on the top, or suspended particles. It may be either or both.

* The junk from HD is usually tung oil with solvents and drying catalysts. Cutting tung oil with mineral spirits or the like before applying is common and OK to do, but it is best to cut only what you will be using.

Take heed: Cloth with linseed or tung oil on them are notorious for spontaneous combustion!!! When I was done with each coat application during my last project, I burned the application cloths, which BTW, were 100% cotton tshirt scraps.
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