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Old 02-16-2017, 09:17 AM
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Since we are talking about training, I though I'd tell a related story about an awesome experience that I had over the weekend. To many of you, this stuff is 'old hat'; but, I believe some folks like me who are just starting down the path will find it interesting.

I had never shot much beyond 100 yards before this weekend. I have had several basic rifle courses with both Project Appleseed and Revere's Riders. I learned the basics of IMC(...Inches to Minutes to Clicks) but never really applied it at Field Rifle distances.

Last weekend, I participated in a Revere's Riders Field Rifle Course on one of the Known Distance fields at Camp Atterbury. I had been sorting out my equipment and practicing getting my 100 yard zero for several weeks. My goals were realistic. I was going to be happy if I could get half of my rounds on paper and not be "that guy". Read the article in the most recent GCA Journal "How to not goof up at Camp Perry" to understand what I meant by not being "that guy".

In my practice, I decided that because of my poor eyes, I would shoot the course with the M1D with repro mount and M82 that I purchased last Fall at the South Store.

The two day course started on Saturday morning at 25 yards with drills on getting you 25 yard zero and an exercise designed to teach how many clicks per MOA were your sight adjustments. We then proceeded to 100 yards, fired 3 sighters and started documenting the DOPE that every rifleman needs on their individual rifles. After documenting the sighters and making adjustments, we fired 2 and 8 rounds from the off hand position.

We policed our brass, grabbed out gear and walked back to 200 yards. We repeated the process of 3 sighters, document, adjust if necessary and fired 2 and 8 rounds from the sitting position.

Again policed our brass, walked back to 300 and repeated he process, sighters, document, adjust if necessary and fired 2 and 8 from the prone position.

Repeating the process at 400 yards, sighters, document, adjust and fire 2 and 8 from prone.

Now, 500 yards was not in the course for fire; but, we still walked back there and fired sighters and logged that dope. We broke for lunch at the 500 yard line.

After lunch while we were at 500 yards, the fellas in the pits had placed an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of construction paper near the bottom of the target. We all got to fire one shot, cold bore at the tiny speck. Believe it or not, 4 of 22 folks hit the mark. This drill is called Morgan's Shingle. The fellas that made hits were given a patch and a certificate as official members of "Morgan's Riflemen". If you aren't familiar with the story of Morgan's Sharpshooters, look it up!

After that, we proceeded forward to 400 and repeated the process in reverse back down the range to 100 yards.

The second day, we shot the same drill but added a time element and for the sitting and prone added transition from standing. Also, they limited the sighters to three at the beginning of each string of 40 rounds. If someone was really off as happened with me once, the fellas in the pits would radio one of the instructors info like 'all shots 4 MOA high'. I had doubled one of my adjustments; but, once I made the correction, that old rifle was right on the money again. We got in 4 strings of 40 the second day and boy was I sore the next day.

As I said this was my first experience shooting at these distances. I watched in amazement as that old M1D of mine stayed on the mark, using standard come ups for a M1. Most of the fellas shooting around were shooting ARs and using ballistic calculators. Oh...and the second half of the second day, we had a gusting, 30mph cross wind, talk about hold over training!

The Revere's Riders instructors ran a very safe range and gave a lot of individual instruction/coaching.

I was tickled to death that not only did I get all 300 or so of my shots on the paper; but, I put at least half of them in the black. AND my worst "that guy" offense was losing my chamber flag once while hiking between 100 yard lines. The guy next to me shot someone else's target a couple of time.

So if any of you are like me and want to get your feet wet at KD shooting in a relaxed non-competition atmosphere, a Revere's Riders or Project Appleseed Field Rifle event is a great second step. I can't tell you how much I learned and how much it built my confidence. I now have a book full of dope on my favorite rifle.

I plan to spend the summer practicing my transitions to sitting/prone, working on finding my NPOA and looking forward to the next Revere's Riders Field Rifle event in October.

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