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Old 08-07-2018, 10:12 AM
brianm767 brianm767 is offline
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Default NS report 7 Aug

Stopped by this morning, got there at 0800, two others walked in with me at 0830.

Didn't look at everything but here's what I saw.

No SA or H&R FG or SG.

IHC SG probably about a dozen, half with LMR barrels all in new walnut.

IHC FG, a full rack, I didn't look through them, but I should of, didn't see what wood was on them.

WRA SG only three, all had SA barrels, they didn't look all that great, all in new walnut.

WRA FG a mostly full rack some with LMR barrels all in Hackwood.

Plenty of snipers I didn't look at.

Plenty of air rifles for $105 with Monte Carlo and standard stocks.

Thanks to Bob and the other gentleman who was shopping for helping me, I'm a newbie and don't really know what im looking at, I did find a nice SG IHC with a SA barrel ME 1 TE of 2, but I decided to go with another one with more IHC parts, a LMR barrel reading of ME 2 and TE of 3, Bob said if it was his choice he'd go with this one so I did.

I also picked out a WRA SG, pickings were slim, I picked the best out of three with Bob's help, basically just got a Winchester receiver, but at least I have one now. I looked through the field grade WRA's some with LMR barrels, but I still went with the SG, I just liked the way it looked, nice clean heel stamp, many of the FG'S heel stamps I could barrly read and I was in a hurry, so I just said screw it I'll keep what I have picked out.

I wish I lived closer to just keep visiting and wait for that perfect rifle, but I live in Cali and I only get out here every year or so, actually it's been three years since I was able to visit, so any hand picked Garand is better than no Garand, so I'm happy, niw I just need a H&R to go with my other Garands, I have a pre WWII SA and a WWII SA as well.

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