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Old 11-19-2018, 08:45 PM
ptf18 ptf18 is offline
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Default M12 question for those shooting prone

Have a stock question for those of you shooting these rifles in the prone position (with a sling).

Most M12 owners will agree that the original stock is "clubby".

The issue I have when shooting in the prone position is that with my head/cheek on the stock my eye is NOT looking thru the center of the rear sight.

This is because, for me, the comb of the stock is "too" wide and unless I "roll" my head/cheek over the top of the comb (not much just a little) I can NOT see thru the rear sight to align it with the front sight.

The "fix" wood be to "thin" the thickness of the left side of the comb (and maybe "rounding" the top of the comb)

My question is.... do other shooters using this gun as I mentioned above find that the comb is indeed too thick and that thinning this area of the comb would help with there sight alignment?

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Old 11-20-2018, 08:01 AM
ESWL ESWL is offline
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A lot of people have the same problem with the M12. I know I did when I owned one. My understanding is the stock was meant to be shaped to the shooter. That unfortunately is not an option for most owners who are also collectors. Modifying the stock really kills the value. So here are a few options:

1. Find a used stock you can modify.

2. Physically raise the rear and front sights to get a head position and eye-relief that works for you.

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