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Old 05-07-2012, 10:55 PM
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Default Version v1.98 released!

Lots of changes and tweaks!

* Weight field for ammo allows all characters now
* Fixes to the Import .csv function for dates and escasping single quotes correctly, plus other tweaks
* Maint tab now shows total $ spent on selected firearm
* Fixed unattached accessory Change Image button
* Undelete button now renamed Restore and replaces Del button when viewing deleted firearms so as to be more obvious to new users.
* "Firearm Type" changed to just "Type"
* Adding new firearm always selects added item now even when using sorting
* Added Trigger type field
* Friends and Partners directory added to begin providing a way for users to find certain resources easier online!
* Can filter to display only C&R or only non-C&R firearms
* Various UI tweaks
* Status bar added to show collection statistics, not just on Status tab.
* General tab, Stats tab, Accessories tab, pictures tab and Purchased/Sold tab moved to be Subtabs under the new Firearm tab (which is the first tab).
* When setting new DB location, you will be asked if you wish to copy ther database to the new location
* Setting the "Still Owned?" checkbox, you will be asked to confirm
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