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Old 10-13-2019, 10:07 PM
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Default Ammo Display Needs and Help

Hello all I'm currently getting together examples of ammo all the weapons I own use or used (As some were Arsenal upgraded at times). Anyways I'm currently short two rounds to complete my ammo needs to build my display. Well actually the wife is building it, as it is her ideal and project, I was tasked with getting examples of all the ammo.

The two rounds I'm missing are either hard to find or people are sitting on them, not finding any for sale in my searches or when I do it's $25.00 plus for one round.

Here's the two I'm short, the top two on the list.

Need still:

8X57 J aka M88 (8mm Round Nose)
8X50R aka M93 (8mm original Mannlicher round, not the later 8X56R version)
.577 Enfield British made Minie.........Ignore this one, it's an easy find.

On Hand:

7.62x53 Finnish
7.62X51 NATO
7.7X58 Japanese
7.5x54 French
8mm Mauser
8mm Mannlicher
303 British
12 Gauge
44 Magnum
44 Special
36 Ball
22 Long Rifle
22 Long
22 Short
6.5X50 Japanese
.577 Snider-Enfield
10.4X38 Swiss
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