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Old 09-14-2012, 11:30 AM
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Default My experience on the 13th

I hesitate to call this a store report as I am no expert and my exposure to the inventory was limited. I will explain this. I will begin with that it was a great day and made all that much better by the staff, particularly Jim, who took a great deal of time with my father and I. We cannot thank him enough.

We arrived at 0830 hrs and there was only one other party in the store and he already had a rifle in hand. This man was a good man, a veteran and secured an incredible find. a 5.9 Springfield that gauged very well and was correct save for the stock which was GI but not to the weapon. He took that home and I congratulated him on his good fortune. He deserved it.

I went to the Field Grades, Springfield's, and they were GI wood, mostly, and I found one that I liked. It had a NM barrel and OP Rod, GI stock and I was going to show it to staff for an opinion. Mr. Jim approached my dad and I and asked if he could assist us. I replied we could use all of the help he could offer. It did not occur to me just how much he would. He suggested I return the Field Grade as for 100 clams more he had some real gems in Service Grade. He said that National match barrels were desirable but not to base the purchase strictly on that item. I also explained to Jim that my Dad was a two war Marine who always wanted an M1 and unbeknownst to him, I was going to buy the weapon for him. My dad is 85 but still a trough old Marine at heart and loves the Garand.

Jim brought us to the Springfield Service grades and stated that the " best find of the day was the first rifle I described that went home with another good man. Jim found another 5.9 numbered Springfield with GI wood that was very nice and gauged 1 plus and 2TE. We put that one behind the counter. He also located another Springfield Service grade that was a 5.9 but wore CMP wood. To our untrained eyes it looked like a brand new weapon, literally. Jim looked it over and advised that it was an Air Force weapon that had been or was in the process of a National Match rebuild. The ME is 0 plus and the TE is 3. Jim stated that we shouldn't make a big issue out of the TE as it was well within specs and the other end was perfect as was the barrel itself. The barrel, an 01 of 52 had the shiny, almost chrome looking base and was as Jim put it, " in the white ". It was also made by Springfield. The weapon does have several HRA parts but I also have an HRA weapon with several Springfield parts. Perhaps one of you more learned members can advise on swapping them. I would appreciate your input. The stock appears to be CMP Walnut and it is flawless. The weapon appears to be right out of the box and when I handed the weapon to my dad and told him it was HIS, he was touched and thrilled. Now he and I can both shoot our M1's together and coming to the North Store was well worth the 900 mile round trip. Jim contributed to our experience as he was a true professional and treated us like family.

Ok. I did look around and will report what I saw. We were there for two hours and there were only three customers in the store during that time frame. PLenty of M1 C's and D's. I looked at several and if you want one, there are plenty to choose from. Basically full racks of Field Grade Springfields as well as Service Grades to boot. Mostly CMP wood on the Service Grade Springfields but if that doesn't bother you you've got some real gems to be had. I did not buy that Field Grade Springfield with the NM barrel and OP Rod. Far as I know it was still there and it gauged a TE of 3 and ME of 2 as I recall. Certainly not bad for a Field Grade. I did see plenty of Daisy air guns and the racks around the store were generally full. I did not ask about the HRA's as I have one and I did not look for them.

Alright, I wish I could elaborate more on individual weapons but we were trying to soak up as much as we could from Jim and all the other fellas that were there helping and answering my never ending questions. Jim even took the time to write down points of interest on the weapon for me as I have an issue with memory and would never be able to recall what he had related. I cannot say enough good about our experience.

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