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Old 02-18-2017, 03:10 PM
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Default Odd barrel stampings.

Received this SA service grade (1095xxx) early in 2015. Had not paid much attention to the barrel stampings. There is a very small o and a heavily struck F at the base of the barrel. All other stampings are very light but I can make out 1 S A-12-4. There is no digit after the 4. The left leg of the A is missing and the right leg is a deeper strike as if the punch was tilted. The spaces between strikes are not the same and the numbers are tilted to the left. The heavy P and punch strikes are on the bevel forward of the receiver flat. Evidently the inspector was a little shaky that day. Anyone else have similar stampings? Comments appreciated.

This is a nice service grade with readings of 2 at the muzzle and 3 at the throat. It has a NM op rod that looks new and a decent well sanded GI stock. Haven't shot it yet since the 7.62 gets most of the range time.
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