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Old 11-14-2018, 01:11 PM
lapriester lapriester is offline
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Yup, it's far less messy to just give up the C&R and then sell. You can request that through ATF. Then you can just throw away the BB and sell as an individual. That's my plan very soon since my C&R expired a couple years ago. If you are no longer going to collect, like you say, get rid of the license. Less headache. Your selling life will probably simplify if you do depending on local laws. Even in CA it's pretty simple and out of state buyers are responsible for being sure they have an FFL, have a C&R and are not prohibited buyers. Once I have the money and the firearm shipped that's their problem. No refunds if the buyer's FFL finds out he can't legally own it. I DON'T sell to non-licensed people directly without FFL intervention, period, no matter where, legal or not. Lose a sale because of it? OK, just sell to someone else waiting in the wings. There's always another buyer.

Get your legal advice from qualified people, not here. Your local FFL is a place to start. Though generally a rip off, if you have a LGS you trust, sell some on consignment. I know people who frequent my LGS every week looking for vintage rifles or good deals. My LGS owner is a good friend and a collector and people know he isn't telling (too many) stories about what he is selling.
Old 11-14-2018, 10:44 PM
tmark tmark is offline
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Excellent advice about how messy selling at a gunshow could become. It's not worth the risk and worry to me, now. The suggested way to go would be listing on the classifieds and/or selling on consignment at a LGS. There are many in my area.

Thank you, all, for your insights.

PS: I know what will happen as soon as I give up my C&R. I'll find that ONE firearm that I have been looking for all my life finally show up and will have to pay a forty or fifty dollar transfer fee to get!!

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