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Old 08-06-2012, 04:53 PM
Nicky Fingers Nicky Fingers is offline
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Default How did I do? SA FG

Friend and I were first in line Friday 8/3. Got up at 1:30am, got home about 9pm. Like others said, thrown for a loop when I went straight to last known location of Service Grades and found Field Grades instead.

The guys next to us in line knew the scoop as they had shopped previous days. They were kind enough to pass 1 down to me as they had filled their rifle quota.

Here is what I ended up buying:
Springfield Field Grade $525 SN# 3,088,XXX
Stock – non-serif P in circle, RIA
Receiver – legs marked D28291 34
Bolt – D28287-19 SA B-14
Op Rod – D35382 9 SA
Barrel – LMR D6535448 10 53 A21 PM with tiny logo that kinda of looks like 2 cannons (ME 1.75 TE 2.5)
Gas Cylinder – Saw cut front site
Trigger Hsg – D28290-12-SA
Trigger – C46016-9 SA

All metal besides the barrel, is a nice grey park. Some voids, pitting on receiver, but no exposed metal.

Stock had quite a few deep dents and gouges. I lifted most out with iron and wet rag. Didn’t go crazy just got the big ones.

My question to you guys,
1. How did I do on my pick up? I feel like I struck out 3 times now with on my attempt to get Service Grade with GI wood. Twice in-persone and once by mail.
2. How to correct color fading where iron out dents? In a few areas where I lifted the dents, the wood lightened in color. Should I just apply real tung oil first and see what happens? Or Do you recommend applying stain first? If so what brand/color matches that deep brown/red GI wood?

I will post some pics soon as I finish cleaning and lubing. Thanks guys.
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Old 08-06-2012, 05:45 PM
dpd3672 dpd3672 is offline
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Hard to tell without pictures (hint, hint), but it sounds like you've got a late WW2 gun. I don't have my reference materials handy, but I'm thinking your op rod and bolt might be correct...maybe the trigger housing, too, but I'm not sure and I think it might be a bit early for your gun.

The stock is either a rebuild stock or possibly a rebuilt HRA stock. The barrel is either HRA or LMR, depending on where the punch mark is on the side, but it's a big plus, LMR barrels are known to be a bit more accurate than most, and yours gauges very low, especially for a FG.

The saw cut gas cylinder is a neat bonus, too. The can be tightened down and can help you shoot more accurately by keeping the front sight and gas cylinder from moving.

Sight unseen, it sounds like you did very well, and your gun sounds like it could pass for the Service Grade you missed out on...in my opinion, it's probably better than a lot of the SG, as I'd rather have beat up USGI wood than new CMP wood, and original or arsenal parkerizing rather than Greek Black.
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Old 08-06-2012, 05:59 PM
JakeM JakeM is offline
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Nice pick and it is a late WW II. The bolt and op rod appear to be correct for the serial number. I believe after looking at some reference material the trigger housing should be a -18SA. All in all nice pick!
Sorry cannot help with the stock question.
Jake McGuire


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